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Adopted by Devyn and Corey by AnotherWeirdWriter04
Adopted by Devyn and Coreyby AnotherWierdWriter04
This book is about a girl who has been in and out of the orphanage and soon she will find her forever family along with her sibling and best friend Brooklyn
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Adopted by jimin by hope1299
Adopted by jiminby kk.slays
"You are good just make bad decisions sometimes"~jimin Azul is 6 yrs old.everyone thinks he is little troublemaker but he really just a softie on the i...
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Adopted by jungkook by hope1299
Adopted by jungkookby kk.slays
"Don't listen to the other voices.only listen to mines when I say I love you"~jungkook Jacqueline is 6 yrs old.she never spoke a word since she been in the orp...
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Adopted by Jachary by storytimewithtana
Adopted by Jacharyby Emma 🖤 ☼
Sofi a 3 year old has been abused her whole life. On April 27 she was put up for adoption, a gay couple knows as Jachary. 10 years later secerets start to spill and the...
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A New Start: Adopted By Aphmau by Shaylan34
A New Start: Adopted By Aphmauby Shaylan34
You mom died when you were 3, your dad left you when you were 10, and now now grand-parents died and your all alone. Until one day when you get adopted by your idol.....
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adopted by colby brock by chandlersfam
adopted by colby brockby Carl Grimes
after being yelled at countless amounts of times for being 'irresponsible' colby brock decides to show his fellow room mates that he is responsible, by adopting a little...
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We're broken people~ Adopted by Tyler Joseph by Isleofthejudge
We're broken people~ Adopted by Isleofthejudge
Crystal has been living in an orphanage ever since her parents got arrested... until one day she sees people who look very familiar....Tyler Joseph? (Trigger warnings- s...
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Mad As Rabbits || Brendon Urie || by DarkHighness
Mad As Rabbits || Brendon Urie ||by [GONE]
The family facing endless trials is back. The Urie's have suffered enough to last an entire lifetime, though obviously, some higher power still doesn't think it enough...
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Irreplaceable (Book 2) by writingWeirdo1226
Irreplaceable (Book 2)by writingWeirdo1226
|| Sequel to Adopted by Elton Castee || || Colby Brock Love Story|| After four years apart Delilah and Colby meet again but this time is different, both of...
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Flower Child [ Adopted by Lauren Jauregui ] by DaisyField01
Flower Child [ Adopted by Lauren DaisyField01
Adaleigh Rose has never in her life been anything but a gift to those who endure her presence. She is loved by all and has the spirit of a flower child. So why would you...
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Broken Pieces (Adopted by 5SOS) by im-soo-fancy
Broken Pieces (Adopted by 5SOS)by sequels for my stories? I don...
After enduring 11 years of her abusive father's torture, Reject has built pretty high walls around herself. She lived in her own little silent world where no one but he...
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Adopted by Shyland | ONE-SHOTS by WritingToLeave
Adopted by Shyland | ONE-SHOTSby A
If you're wondering what it would be like to be adopted by Shane and Ryland, you've come across the perfect book.
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adopted by Taehyung by hope1299
adopted by Taehyungby kk.slays
"J,i love you.i am never giving you back"~taehyung Najia is 6 yrs old.she never spoke a word since she been in the orphanage. Because of that she get bullied...
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Adopted By Sam and Colby by Book_Nerd70
Adopted By Sam and Colbyby 💙🌊Silver_Ocean🌊💙
You are adopted by Sam and Colby, more like older brothers then parents. Your life at the orphanage is amazing but you finally get adopted. Life comes in one big smack a...
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Adopted By Frank Iero- A MCR Fanfic by westcoastsuffering
Adopted By Frank Iero- A MCR Fanficby Partridge
Achlea Jameson had been at an orphanage for most of her life, but when Frank Iero and Jamia decide they want to adopt a daughter, Achlea is in luck. She's just the girl...
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Forever Mine (Lippa, Janthony, Adopted by Lippa) by ANDPEGGYYALL
Forever Mine (Lippa, Janthony, AND PEGGY
What started out as a Janthony fanfic, now it is a Janthony, Jonathayne, Lippa and an adopted by Lippa. Disclaimer: Vanessa and Steven (and Sebastian and Francisco) are...
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No One Deserves to be Forgotten by a_heartless_creature
No One Deserves to be Forgottenby Linleigh
Adopted by Dear Evan Hansen!
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Adopted by JOEY GRACEFFA!!! by tyler_oakley_trash
Adopted by JOEY GRACEFFA!!!by tyler_oakley_trash
Lilly's just another ordinary depressed girl in an ordinary orphanage until Joey graceffa comes around... Will his visit to the orphanage end in him adopting? How will...
Hiraeth ▶ JENNA MARBLES by splinteredstars
Hiraeth ▶ JENNA MARBLESby 𝐚𝐫𝐢
❝ when can i go home? ❞ ❝ for now, this is your home. ❞ or In which new foster parents Jenna and Julien take on the task of caring for one Violette Cuvier.
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Adopted By The Avengers by -p3nispark3r
Adopted By The Avengersby Strange People
Gabriella Harper Hayes is a 15 year old girl that has been living in an orphanage since she was baby. Her parents had died because of HYDRA. She was left to be brought t...
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