Game on Sunshine by quick-thinkfast
Game on Sunshineby Noelle!!
Nico DiAngelo probably has a crush on Will Will totally has one So...Game on, Sunshine?
  • nicodiangelo
  • boo
  • willco
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As Different as Night and Day by galacticturtle
As Different as Night and Dayby galacticturtle
Solangelo fanfic because Sonlangelo is life. This takes place after the three days in the infirmary. There are so many plot holes it's not even funny and the first few c...
  • hoo
  • pjo
  • wilico
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Solangelo at Hogwarts by Thorns_di_angelo
Solangelo at Hogwartsby THE GAY RAINBOW ?
So this is a story of Solangelo. It talks about how they go to Hogwarts. There is fluff and heartbreaking moments. NO SMUT. Not only have I never read smut, but also I d...
  • minerva
  • malfoy
  • nicodiangelo
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wrong number boo✶⠠⡀⠠ൎ jack avery by lushjimin
wrong number boo✶⠠⡀⠠ൎ jack averyby ela
unknown : So Zoe. Thanks for the number ;) 000-000-091: she gave you another number lmao unknown: What? 000-000-091: Wrong number boo :) lmao + In which an unknown boy s...
  • completed
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Horror Text stories (Medium level) by creepychimmy
Horror Text stories (Medium level)by My backup :)
#1 in chills 7/6//18 #1 in horror story 7/8//18 #2 in scariest 7/6//18 #3 in creepystories 7/7//18 #4 in boo 7/7//18 #5 in goosebumps 7/6//18 Short Spooky Stories in the...
  • scarystories
  • scariest
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BOOtiful Habit ¤ VERKWAN by Jihoff
BOOtiful Habit ¤ VERKWANby ウジ
"Hangga't hindi tayo magkakatuluyan, wala pang BOOtiful ending" ~~~~~~~~~♡~~~~~~~~ BOOtiful Habit ¤ Verkwan starring: Boo Seungkwan Hansol Vernon Chwe the res...
  • verkwan
  • vernon
  • chwe
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solangelo oneshots and aus by ImAWolfstarPhan
solangelo oneshots and ausby Punkrock mermiad
this is just a book of random solangelo oneshots and aus. comment suggestions if you want, it would really help with ideas. for those of you who are homophobes or find s...
  • gay
  • fanfiction
  • willico
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Goode High School (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by AmazingL
Goode High School (Percy Jackson AmazingL
No more was needed of the seven ,and for that they were grateful. No more monsters trying to attack them at every corner, or dreams that would predict their downfall. Th...
  • tears
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  • hoh
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Unexpected Thug Love *The Sequel* by ReenahK
Unexpected Thug Love *The Sequel*by ReenahK
Sequel to Unexpected Thug Love
  • thug
  • sequel
  • party
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In Time {Solangelo} by a_rose713
In Time {Solangelo}by Rose
Nico di Angelo a half-blood son of Hades, was born in the past, his mother's death was Zeus's fault. His older sister Bianca di Angelo died four years ago, trying to hel...
  • apollo
  • sunangel
  • sonofapollo
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{VERKWAN} "Just a Bit Ruthless" [Adaptación] by AnonymousCarat
{VERKWAN} "Just a Bit Ruthless" [ Jade
La historia de un niño que soñaba con el Príncipe encantador y acaba enamorándose de la Bestia... - Adaptación del libro "Just a Bit Ruthless" de Alessandra Ha...
  • lemon
  • boyxboy
  • seungkwan
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Solangelo One Shots  by Light_Queen_
Solangelo One Shots by Light Queen
So, this is another, yes, another, one shot book. I know, so original. (sarcasm). Anyway, this is rated M for language and content. Updates will probably be random, and...
  • willsolace
  • percyjackson
  • boo
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silicone doll ➳ verkwan° by svtism-
silicone doll ➳ verkwan°by 『 soap 』
In which their love is haunted; In which their love is a curse. In which the whole world, even the bright sun and moon are against them. ➳ All rights reserved. svtism...
  • seventeenkpop
  • horror
  • verkwan
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BOO bxb by gkcat315
BOO bxbby gkcat315
Boo isn't very normal. Being half ghost, it's not an easy thing to seem ordinary. And after he encounters River, he cannot take his eyes off him, and his ghost goes craz...
  • wattys2018
  • romance
  • gkcat315
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fix you - solangelo by lucyfn
fix you - solangeloby lucyfn
set after Blood of Olympus. nico's being oblivious, will's being obvious, and percy's just trying to help. i'm bad at writing descriptions and this is definitely not as...
  • wilico
  • boo
  • willsolace
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Harry Potters Twin by Kingdom001
Harry Potters Twinby Daisy Camp
Percy Jackson and Harry potter have a secret. Each other. When they were eight, Harry and Percy potter were separated. The twins were attacked while in an orphanage...
  • wattys2018
  • percyjacksonstwin
  • frazel
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When Mortals Meet by JulialikesCandy
When Mortals Meetby Soozie
This is a collection of short stories where mortals meet the demigods. And Calypso. This is a rewrite of the original When Mortals Meet. I wrote the original story under...
  • mortalsmeetdemigods
  • nicknamedsuzie
  • annabethchase
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Prisoner | A Percy Jackson Collab [ON HOLD] by tikachi
Prisoner | A Percy Jackson tikachi ❀
PERCY JACKSON is at the brink of death... again. He's scared, trapped and alone- in his own mind. Meanwhile, in the real world, the seven and the rest of camp are worrie...
  • annabeth
  • romance
  • percabeth
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Move ↯ Verkwan by verxwan
Move ↯ Verkwanby diana
A story about breakup, moving on, having a new one and a twist. [Book 2 of Pretend] ↯VERKWAN↯
  • solboo
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  • story
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Save the World before you Save Yourself by quick-thinkfast
Save the World before you Save Noelle!!
[UNDER EXTREME EDITING READ AT YOUR OWN RISK]There is no way that Percy Jackson is the same after going through Tartarus. He has to deal with the guilt, nightmares, and...
  • darkpercy
  • pipercy
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