Last man standing ( Hyperdemension Neptunia x male reader ) by Anime_Progam
Last man standing ( Hyperdemension...by Anime_Progam
Don't see many of these around that are decently good, so i'll take a crack at it. You are the last standing man of humanity, the earth is a place you can no longer call...
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Hyperdimension Neptunia: Warp of Another World by Yusakuu
Hyperdimension Neptunia: Warp of A...by Billy Villagracia
A 16- years old Japanese boy named Yamazaka Kenji woke up in a mysterious world, he realized that there is a gauge bar, and after reaching the city he began to make frie...
  • neptune
  • ram
  • uzume
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100 kink challenge: Newscapepro  by THE_catgirl14
100 kink challenge: Newscapepro by Neko (shipping cat)
Ok so I have a one-shot book but I saw this and thought, let's do this. Please request ships for a day. I will do them just because I need serious help and have no socia...
  • kinky
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Harry Styles is an English student at the University of Suffolk, Ipswich; Louis Tomlinson a photography student. Harry lives on campus, and often keeps his bedroom curt...
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Disappointments [Newscapecrew] by Be_The_Hero
Disappointments [Newscapecrew]by Buzzkill
In a world far from our galaxy comes a story quite similar to the rest. Still, even though it seems familiar to those stories around it, this one seems... different. It...
  • newscapepro
  • duni
  • newscapecrew
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Just Room Mates by Curiouslycocoa
Just Room Matesby k🚀
When Riley goes to move into her new college dorm room, she is expecting a possibly noisy roommate that blasts music too loud occasionally, or so she thinks. But, when h...
  • clique
  • university
  • love
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Tutorial | Brendon Urie by trashcafe
Tutorial | Brendon Urieby face of failure
[COMPLETED] Brendon may specialise in English, but that's not all he's going to teach Grace. An unlikely pairing between a high school student and teacher-in-training is...
  • uni
  • teacherxstudent
  • panicatthedisco
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NOT The  Gangleaders Daughter Anymore by 123flowergirl
NOT The Gangleaders Daughter Anym...by Flowergirl
*Sequel to Gangleader's daughter* (Please read Gangleaders Daughter BEFORE this book. Nothing will make sense otherwise) __________________________________ Angel Kacy W...
  • gangleadersdaughtersequel
  • teen
  • fiction
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The Psychology of Me by deadpheonixrising
The Psychology of Meby Rebecca
What is university life like in 2018? Were is the laundrette and how do you use the machines there? How do you complete your first year of a psychology degree when you...
  • spoonielife
  • autism
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The True Story of Myself Get In Hyper Dimension by user17948066
The True Story of Myself Get In Hy...by My Name Is A.Blue Awesome
Here It Is.. The Story of My Life.. And It Begin
  • noire
  • ram
  • hyperdimensionneptunia
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All Roads Lead To Rome || Daniel Seavey by -labellamac
All Roads Lead To Rome || Daniel S...by ⛅️
The one about two kids who lost their money, time, and way in the heart of Italy, and how they found each other in return.
  • romance
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Master Frown x Reader  by ToxicRayne
Master Frown x Reader by Toxic
You're Unikitty's cousin, staying a week in the Unikingdom with her. Through your stay, you meet the mean, cruel and TERRIBLE Master Frown... But you don't think he's an...
  • kitty
  • unikittyshow
  • masterfrownxreader
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Don't  You Get It? by Source_of_soap
Don't You Get It?by Source
"I thought the prophet said there was supposed to be seven heroes. Are you sure we're ready to leave?" "How else are you supposed to find the evil or what...
  • frozengargon
  • unicomics
  • ashlie9596
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I'm A 'Good Girl', r8?😏 by Rabsaiku1465
I'm A 'Good Girl', r8?😏by @Rabsaiku1465
Yey I'm in full form! My brand new story is up 4 u. Only u! Of course, duh😕! Bad girl Meets Good boy... "Different? R8? Yes!" And then...ummm...Oh yes! Grou...
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I'm Me When I'm With You (tłumaczenie pl) by Hazzaczuwa
I'm Me When I'm With You (tłumacze...by Hazzaczuwa
- Gratulacje, jesteś w ciąży. Louis rozszerzonymi oczami wpatruje się w lekarza przed sobą. - Przepraszam? - Jesteś w ciąży - powtarza lekarz. -Och, kurwa! AU gdzie Loui...
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Oh, Brother of mine! by Doorknob986
Oh, Brother of mine!by Doorknob986
Vert has always been known to have a desire for one thing, a sibling. So, why not give her just that?
  • originalcharacter
  • gold
  • ram
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The Essence of Hana (Muslim story) by Alt-ernative
The Essence of Hana (Muslim story)by ALT-ernatively
As her Uni years are finally coming to end, Hana has no choice but to face one of the largest hurdles she's been putting off. Not knowing how to feel, what to expect, an...
  • noah
  • uni
  • arab
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hyperdimension neptunia | The Bound Warrior by Maxuser1
hyperdimension neptunia | The Boun...by Maxuser1
Right onto the backstory, so the year on earth is 2031 or something like that and a new technology of dimension travel is revealed, then unexpectedly war broke out for t...
  • blanc
  • rom
  • neptune
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Melodies by awkwardlib
Melodiesby 🌸Lib🌸
NewScapeCrew Musical AU Jon has always had an appreciation for music but never really sang in front of anyone before, with the exception of his friend Nick. He decided t...
  • zron
  • tomshlie
  • ashlie
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Until Someone Gets Hurt {Newscapecrew Fusion AU} by Be_The_Hero
Until Someone Gets Hurt {Newscapec...by Buzzkill
We are born independent but live out our lives as two people in one. Two parts of a whole coming together to finish the puzzle. We are taught to behave as one and that b...
  • jonjon
  • zres
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