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Just Room Mates by Curiouslycocoa
Just Room Matesby k🚀
When Riley goes to move into her new college dorm room, she is expecting a possibly noisy roommate that blasts music too loud occasionally, or so she thinks. But, when h...
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mastermind [h.s.] by stylesgalaxys
mastermind [h.s.]by stylesgalaxys
This was a cruel twist of fate, and I immediately knew it was never meant to be. But I'll damned if I lose my best friend just because she's dating the man I love. He's...
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The Trinisette Heirs (Katekyo Hitman Reborn) by BlackEtherious
The Trinisette Heirs (Katekyo Hitm...by Kanai
A Katekyo Hitman Story that mainly features Tsuna, Byakuran and Yuni. A small change can set huge events in motion. A father's thoughts can influence one son and isolate...
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Veil Of Innocence by ZuraihA
Veil Of Innocenceby Zuu. A
Sequel to Imperfect Endings ~Completed~ ×Warning×: Contains strong content such as drugs, alcohol and offensive language. This book has a different style of writing in...
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Uncommon (BWWM) by WelshWisher
Uncommon (BWWM)by S
"The Prince may love her, and she may share the same name, but this girl is no Grace Kelly" ~~~ Working class, black, and insecure. The opposite of the Britis...
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Five Nights at Neptunia 2. by SamuelBempong
Five Nights at Neptunia 2.by Lady "Loner" Noire.
The sequel to the series. After the events of the first five nights, you and a buddy in need of money head to another Pizzeria to survive another five nights in there fo...
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The Reformed Bad Girl by dark_beautyx
The Reformed Bad Girlby Tori Leigh
Savannah Edwards was a good girl before she became friends with Aiden Williams. She got good grades and was always trying to please her parents. Parties, races and nigh...
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Finally you see me {chanlix} by namjoonjasond
Finally you see me {chanlix}by Johnooo~
It was just another high school teen romance. Where boy meets girl and they work out their differences and in the end fall for each other. It was perfection. Chan and Hw...
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One Direction One Shots (Slashes) by darthniall
One Direction One Shots (Slashes)by darthniall
This is a collection of boyxboy one shots. It you don't like boyxboy stories, don't read! Larry, Niam, Lilo, Nouis, Zarry, Narry, Zouis, Lirry, Ziam and maybe Nosh. (It...
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a social media roleplay based in jinsan university.
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Tempt Me  by gizness
Tempt Me by BabieeVee
PLEASE NOTE!! Very mature sex scenes in this story. So please read at your own risk and no immature comments! ALSO BOOK IS UNDER EDITING AND IS NOT COMPLETED! "Go...
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Winter [Harry Styles AU] by xwriter123x
Winter [Harry Styles AU]by :)
Winters in London are cold. Harry drinks tea to keep warm. Lena doesn't like that. She's much more of a coffee person, really.
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More Than This (Larry Stylinson AU-Abuse) by itsgonnabemay5
More Than This (Larry Stylinson AU...by itsgonnabemay5
Louis has been abused by his boyfriend, Nick, for the past year. Every morning (on Nick's demands) Louis visits the bakery near campus where Harry works to get Nick bre...
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Ask the vocaloids/a lot of random shit by petrathetitanslayer
Ask the vocaloids/a lot of random...by Petra/Rin/Kanna
Ik im basic
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The Essence of Noah (Muslim story) by Alt-ernative
The Essence of Noah (Muslim story)by ALT-ernatively
Raised by an Egyptian, Muslim father and an Australian, non religious mother, Hana is brought up to figure things out for herself. Not being fully one thing or another...
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instagram - sheall • n.h. • english • book two by mainhoeran
instagram - sheall • n.h. • englis...by hœran
@sheaxcarr still a flicker of hope that you first gave to me @niallhoran - second book to instagram • sheall
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Up In Smoke by deepbluetides
Up In Smokeby deepbluetides
// After a recent breakup with her high school sweet heart Courtney comes into contact with a drug. Not the ones found on the street. But one with blue eyes, tattoos, an...
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Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Brother by NeRo59
Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Broth...by Ne Ro
A HDN story where you will follow the Brother of Vert, AKA Green Heart. It's NOT a Reader insert, because i will use the Reader for another story
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Oh, Brother of mine! by Doorknob986
Oh, Brother of mine!by Doorknob986
Vert has always been known to have a desire for one thing, a sibling. So, why not give her just that?
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Hyperdimension neptunia super by Gogito2019
Hyperdimension neptunia superby Gogito2019
Goku summoned shenron to ask him a wish saying he wanted to go to another dimension to fight stronger opponents. Goku had whis tell Chi-chi and the others that goku was...
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