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{Please don't bîtch about why you're paired with a CP you don't like xc it's really annoying! Also this book isn't supposed to be taken seriously! ;3}
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An Art Book, WOW by HerseyLou
An Art Book, WOWby HerseyLou
a random book of art for you to enjoy and cringe at with me.
  • art
  • artbook
  • doodles
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Drunk Drivers ⇶ billy hargrove by likefightmeplease
Drunk Drivers ⇶ billy hargroveby no thanks
"You're shitfaced, and I'll be damned if I let a drunk driver kill me. They'll start saying it runs in the family" Mallory Manor wanted to just be alone and no...
  • billy
  • idc
  • triggerwarning
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Insta captions by mimozadln
Insta captionsby 🐻
If u need an insta caption i got u • these aren't my quotes, i found them on instagram and some of these are song lyrics all credits to the writers
  • worthit
  • german
  • love
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Ask or dare willdip and billdip and mabfica  by mabel124644
Ask or dare willdip and billdip Mabel gleeful
Read the title also no inappropriate language or dares
  • idc
Meme by -thrashershawn
Memeby Mads
a whole lotta memes Started September something Ended: never b #1 in- idk #1 in- idkanymore #1 in- kms #2 in- memes #2 in- stop
  • bts
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  • funny
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Drawing Tips by I_Am_No_Some_One
Drawing Tipsby Aharris
Drawing inspiration BOI
  • drawing
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  • idk
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♥〰그 소년〰♥ by -NEUL-
♥〰그 소년〰♥by 0FFLINE OFTEN
사랑은 더 강하다~♡
  • idc
  • lovemyself
  • scenery
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apprehension × b.h.g [1] ✔ by CARMEXBABY
apprehension × b.h.g [1] ✔by bbp
ap·pre·hen·sion anxiety or fear that something bad or unpleasant will happen. × "you're scared" "of what" "of this."
  • idk
  • apprehensive
  • fuckgirl
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Stuff that Fanfic Authors do that annoy me by CakedaBomb
Stuff that Fanfic Authors do CakedaBomb
Me complaining.
  • pennywise
  • idc
  • idk
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If I only knew by stella1231002
If I only knewby stella 123100
In 1989, A girl going to a party until she meets a girl in the middle of the road. She keeps going back to that road until one day she sees the girl in her dream.
  • eh
  • idc
  • weird
Desendants 2 Rp by Al-wa-ys
Desendants 2 Rpby Alice Potter
  • idk
  • desendants
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discovered by saharadesert_2005
discoveredby Sahar Iqbal
"Sick of painting every nightmare as a dream" I do more stuff.
  • fandom
  • idk
  • random
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Dramione Instagram  by christinajovi
Dramione Instagram by christinajovi
You know the drill
  • idc
  • thuna
  • notreallyfunny
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Fangle Love  <《Remake》> by Sunnlime
Fangle Love <《Remake》>by Morgan & Blake
This is a remake of the cringey Fangle Love. This was made by 2 people! @kittenmomo and @GiveLifeLimes we switch of every other part. GiveLifeLime did the first one and...
  • idc
  • stopbotheringme
  • idk
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Ocs by _CerealKiller
Ocsby Dat Boi, waddup!
my ocs, so I don't have to send everyone my long af forms all the time Pictures inside aren't mine
  • owncharacter
  • musician
  • random
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doll house 🎀 by 94plus6
doll house 🎀by | k. |
  • idc
  • doll
  • ken
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It's Papi Mofo by Cumtastic_Papi
It's Papi Mofoby Pimpin'
This is a book about me and my thoughts and other crazy shit of that nature hehehe just read and enjoy my Crazyness I do
  • idc
  • mehh
  • life
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𝗠𝗘, 𝗠𝗬𝗦𝗘𝗟𝗙 𝗔𝗡𝗗 𝗜 (n.) in which i tag you and reveal my face
  • idc
  • tags
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husband | jimin by triviaseokfs
husband | jiminby dionysius
"what kind of husband brings different girl every night?"
  • fanfiction
  • lovestory
  • ff
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