【Stockholm Syndrome】 [Diabolik Lovers: Reader (human) x Laito]

【Stockholm Syndrome】 [Diabolik Lovers: Reader (human) x Laito]

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【M -P】 By Sakamaki_FanFics Completed

Walking along the dark road, her life turned to hell in less than one minute.  She was pushed into eternal darkness by the one she eventually sells her heart to.

Fighting to keep her, he will fight and compete for her body, heart and soul. Every part of her is his, he will make it so. 


There is another fanfiction Laito x Reader that conatins "My Little Bitch". Those words are a common theme in my chapters. In no way am I copying them. I just found out about that. I have chapter 6 started already. I guess it is a common fetish (I have that fetish, and if you are reading this, you do too, maybe).

Stockholm syndrome: When a person falls in love with their captor. Belle, from Beauty and the Beast, is seen to have Stockholm traits.

Also, votes and/or a follow would be appreciated. These aren't easy to write! It takes me a week (or less) just to write 1000 words. I am trying to keep the quality as high as I possibly can.

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