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The Last Dance by xoStardust
The Last Danceby xoStardust
Prince John's biggest fear? Becoming King, and everything to do with it, from the sheltered life, to someday having to get married. Celia, a lady knight, minus the 'Lady...
Genderbend by _Potato_Queen
My friends have been changed into the opposite gender by the machine my friend created. Well this should go well.. right? -under editing-
Dragon Ball Mezo by MegaMess21
Dragon Ball Mezoby MegaMess
Mezo is the son of Vegeta and Bulma, and older brother of Trunks. Unlike his father, he is a kind Saiyan, having a personality closer to Goku's (although he's not as de...
Solangelo Gender-Bend One-Shots! by AnnabethJackson0000
Solangelo Gender-Bend One-Shots!by Cookie-Senpai
Solangelo Gender-bend! {Fanfiction/AU} ONE-SHOTS All Rights Reserved Disclaimer: I don't own the fanart used for the cover, or PJO/HoO <--All rights to Rick Rio...
 (ON HOLD) The Blind Bandit || Tokka & ATLA by zutara_tokka_shipper
(ON HOLD) The Blind Bandit || anon :)
Toph has always had a secret crush on Sokka, as we all know. She's mad jealous of Sokka and Suki's relationship, and wants Sokka all for herself. Will the blind earthben...
Hai Saiful [Tahno X OC] Legend of Korra fan fic by LillyinSnappe
Hai Saiful [Tahno X OC] Legend Joe Snappe
Hui Saiful is a 6'5", nonbender, potty-mouthed designer in Republic City during the time of Avatar Korra. She's the daughter of Officer Kallo Saiful and Officer Erz...
A Needed Chance by loloanonymous
A Needed Chanceby Lauren
After the accident, everything changed and almost everything was lost. Can Riddick ever take back his life? His Identity? Will Chance- a very unexpected friend- save Rid...
Ramona Q. Bend ( under going editing ) by stateofadventure
Ramona Q. Bend ( under going stateofadventure
A place where all pure creatures come to take refuge. There is something weird residing in Securus, a small town sandwiched between the Amish Country and the booming cit...
Living on a farm upstate by Mia253479
Living on a farm upstateby Karmak1d1e
Don't worry this is a school project
 Collections of Adventures by IJupiterI
Collections of Adventuresby Cloud!
This is a collection of different stories :)
DONT READ by lolnoimdeadbcphan
DONT READby lolnoimdeadbcphan
Miraculous: Genderbend [One Shot] by chats_lady
Miraculous: Genderbend [One Shot]by Melody 🌧
[Illustrated Story] Ladybug and Chat Noir find another akuma is terrorizing Paris. What happens to them when the akuma switches their genders? ~ Ladybug and Chat Noir ar...
Love & Crime by JosephGrable
Love & Crimeby Joseph Grable
Special Agent Marcus Parker is assigned a case file involving the Infamous Dubar family. The whole Dubar family is on the FBI's most-wanted list and after Bend, Oregon g...
Zombies by zhartung03
Zombiesby zhartung03
This book is about zombies
Five Seconds of Summer - Gender Bend by 5_Degrees_of_Summer
Five Seconds of Summer - Gender kara & jasmine
Meet Ashley, Michelle, Callie, and Lucy. They all play together in a band, Five Seconds of Summer. Lucy plays the guitar and is the lead singer, Michelle plays the guita...
the lost warriors by MrBond007
the lost warriorsby Ryan Squizza Clarke
The War was about to start, the Red Clan was about to start theier destruction of the many cities villlages and town on the est of the world, the Red Clan assasinated th...