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Abandoned Son by Rainne98
Abandoned Sonby Rainne@Rainbat
Seven years, he had been abandoned by both his parents for seven year. And now Bruce want him back home? Home? How dare him!
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Damian Wayne x reader by bubblybear13
Damian Wayne x readerby Jessica
This story is like the movie The lion king: Simba's pride it will be changed a bit and this is my first story so I'm sorry for all the mistakes and missing punctuation...
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A sister to protect by SassyMel31
A sister to protectby amelysyah
This is a one shot series in which Bruce Wayne ever adopted a girl. How will life be for our four favourite boys? AU, OC, Fluff, lemon. Anything that your heart desires...
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Jason Todd Imagines(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵) by alexaaaachan
Jason Todd Imagines(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)by ♡ alexa
Jason Todd Imagines and headcannons from tumblr. The person that wrote the imagine will always be at the top of each chapter. DISCLAIMER: I don't own any of these imagi...
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Batfamily imagines and one shots! by lwjawwx
Batfamily imagines and one shots!by _Cjt_
Request book! ~REQUESTS ARE OPEN~
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King's Wife by author_sayali
King's Wifeby author_sayali
10M+reads! #1 in both Romance and General Fiction Hotlist (Highest Rank)! Find out what the fuss is all about! Meet Mia - Brilliant, but dorky, she wants a divorce from...
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Family Visit (COMPLETE) by Sboyle92
Family Visit (COMPLETE)by FanofFandoms
Third one shot. First: Surprise! Second: We Are Family Bruce Wayne x OC x Superman hint of relationship Reincarnation Vampire Diaries Justice League The Originals
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Dilema Familiar by Karimi05
Dilema Familiarby Karimi
Bruce Wayne y Clark Kent están casados, ambos viven en la ciudad de Gotham, tienen una pequeña familia conformada por sus dos hijos, los pequeños Damian y Jon, y salvo...
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The life of Batsis by TheMisker
The life of Batsisby Misker
What if Dick Grayson wasn't the first child Bruce took care of...What if Bruce had a Daughter with a one night stand, but only finding out about her existence years late...
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Danny Grayson by Sarahbear2005
Danny Graysonby Sarah Rothstein
Danny has a great life until he told his friends he was Gay and his parents as well. Which at first his parents just ignored him but his friends started to hurt him. He...
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Zumi: The Tiger and The Bat by RavenDragon643
Zumi: The Tiger and The Batby Ravenfire 177
Zuri is the youngest of the Ross family, she grew tired of living in her sibling's shadows. She then discovers a small hint of her birth family. She left secretly from N...
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Janis: The New Heather (Heathers x Mean Girls) by BarrettWilbertWeed
Janis: The New Heather (Heathers x...by Kitten lover 2007
Janis, Cady, Damian, and The Plastics transfer to Westerburg. They meet the Heathers, Veronica, JD, and Martha. The most unlikely North Shore student gets accepted into...
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Tainted Love (Damian Wayne x reader) by FizzabelWayne
Tainted Love (Damian Wayne x reade...by Fizzabel
You have finally been accepted into Gotham Academy! You cant wait to start your new life in Gotham with your older brother, but when you're put with Damian Wayne in scie...
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Our sisters secret by queenofthezodiacs
Our sisters secretby queenofthezodiacs
Twilight is the biological daughter of Bruce Wayne. Her mom (Delilah) is the little sister of Talia, which makes her the biological sister and cousin of Damian. The bat...
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Babysitting the Wayne's?! by jaylyn_1112
Babysitting the Wayne's?!by jaylyn_1112
Batman and the Justice league are going on an off earth mission; Alfred's sick and Bruce has no idea what to do with his kid's, he know's if he leaves them alone when he...
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 Love birds: Damirae by XxdamiraeXx
Love birds: Damiraeby XxdamiraeXx
Damian and raven find out they have feelings for each other but what happens when a certain beast boy tries to get between them? What will happen to the when Terra tags...
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Injustice and Injustice 2 Imagines by batmanwife13
Injustice and Injustice 2 Imaginesby batmanwife13
Message me if you have any requests!! If it says: Injustice (1), it's Injustice: Gods Among Us If it says: Injustice (2), it's Injustice 2. All pictures used belong...
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Batfam fluff by Louis-Tomlinson-Stan
Batfam fluffby Ella Eder
Just some BatFam fluff Mostly stuff is about Damian cause he my favorite (fight me) Also you should comment, I love reading them❤ I OWN NOTHING (DAMIJON) (ALSO DAMIAN IS...
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Batfamily X Child Reader by Dax_The_Knight
Batfamily X Child Readerby Dax Clover
Y/n is the blood daughter of Bruce wayne although he once again had no idea-
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Closer by leafy28
Closerby Rain
Bat Family book! Damian and Bruce have a big argument where Bruce kicks Damian out! With nowhere else to go, Damian turns to Jason. See how they bond and what Bruce will...
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