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Brie Larson & Scarlett Johansson Imagines by natasha_carol
Brie Larson & Scarlett Johansson Kam
Imagines between You, Brie, and Scarlett. I wrote this book because I thought there weren't enough imagines between the reader and Brie and Scarlett.
Wrong Number 《Avengers X Reader》 by XXscarletwidowXX
Wrong Number 《Avengers X Reader》by XXscarletwidowXX
Y/n text to someone but it isn't the person they meant to text, who was them then? #1 on captain marvel (16.8.2021) #5 on marvel (16.8.2021) #1 on gxg (18.9.2021) #1 on...
Your life at the Avengers  by Shakira988140
Your life at the Avengers by NatashaMaximoff1234
Small Comedy, wlw, small smut, Avengers, things always seem to happen fast? But we don't mind. I might add "Wanda's POV etc etc" during the fic wlw story Ave...
We watched Our Lives on The Screen (Editing) by schays_a_penguin
We watched Our Lives on The Schayisgay
I have gathered various marvel characters together to watch their pasts, presents and futures. Disclaimer: I DO NOT own any of this save for my OC Loraine. All rights go...
The Girl From The Red Room - Avengers FanFic by Ella12121212
The Girl From The Red Room - Ella12121212
When the red room was demolished all girls were set free, apart from one. One little girl was swept away to a hidden hydra base. But one day she escapes, what will her n...
Tomb Raider - Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel by LAC1940
Tomb Raider - Carol Danvers/ FantasyandHistory
"Higher, further, faster, baby!" The pager was only for emergencies, but every so often Captain Carol Danvers will return to earth to visit her friends there...
My Achilles' Heel  by ty4urcooperation
My Achilles' Heel by nat
The black widow is extremely professional, the greatest spy there is but the one night that she let herself have fun became the reason for the danger that comes when she...
Billy Batson Oneshots by bllover581
Billy Batson Oneshotsby Dani H
Just different oneshots Billy.
Lost Soul by BloodRave9
Lost Soulby BloodRave9
Peter Parker is a lost soul. He is underestimated by the avengers, his friends, other superheroes and even by his daughter felicity parker. He was not able to find lov...
Infinity War x Modern! Reader ~ The Infinity Stones' Protector by JJules95
Infinity War x Modern! Reader ~ Jules
~COMPLETE~ #1 in Dr. Strange as of 6/16/2021 Infinity War: How did Thanos know the locations of all but one of the Infinity Stones? Well, reader, you are the key to unlo...
Heroic Cognizance | Shazam by Starkvenger
Heroic Cognizance | Shazamby Starkvenger
On the surface, Captain Marvel seems like an air-headed, cheery, carefree guy with way too much power on his hands. The League knows next to nothing about the guy, save...
You Posted WHAT?!? by MixedCici
You Posted WHAT?!?by Cici
All this happened because of one post. Who knew one thing can change a person or person's life. Cover made by @Ezuslx Check 'em out, their book is so good
Avengers React by ForbiddenShadow6
Avengers Reactby Georgie_HiddleStan
The Avengers React to YouTube compilations, TikTok, the comics and clips from the movies. Also, all characters are owned by Marvel and or Sony. Rankings: 🥇#1 for Ms Mar...
Young Marvels(Young Justice + Captain Marvel Oneshots) by SociopathicBlueJay
Young Marvels(Young Justice + BlueJay
Oneshots if Billy Batson/Captain Marvel/Shazam was put on the Young Justice League team because I'm bored and I ran out of ideas on my other Oneshots aha- Billy Batson a...
Marvel Rising: Initiation. Enter Superman. by gregoryschoff
Marvel Rising: Initiation. Enter gregoryschoff
Plot: Ghost-Spider is falsely accused of her friend's death, but Christopher J. (Chris) Quantum A.K.A Superman always confronts her.
The Gen-Z Avenger (One-Shots!) by jamie_here7
The Gen-Z Avenger (One-Shots!)by Jamie :)
Maybe recruiting a teenager girl was one of their better ideas. When the Avengers decided to recruited a member of Gen-z, they knew not everything would be sunshine and...
Pretending to Move On (Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow) by lxstryy
Pretending to Move On (Natasha lxstry._
Y/N Y/L/N was a new recruit fighting alongside with the Avengers. Little did she know, she caught feelings for a red headed- but someone was in the way. Y/N's heart shat...
Silent Night • An Avengers Story by iluvcows7
Silent Night • An Avengers Storyby Big forehead gang
"Got nothing to say, pretty lady?" "She can't, asshole." ~ -Despite my name, the job I was forced to do was most definitely the opposite of a silent...
You Can Let Go Now Daddy by ssadumba55
You Can Let Go Now Daddyby Moony
After finding out 5 year old Peter Parker has been alone and abused most of his life, Tony Stark takes it upon himself to be the best parent the kid has ever had. Luckil...
spider-man oneshots by ratk1d
spider-man oneshotsby ratkid
mostly spider-man oneshots most of the characters used belong to marvel, later on some r mine enjoy :)