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date her, kiss her, break her. by -auburn-
date her, kiss her, break ash™
a short story about a boy and a girl. based off real life events :) . . . completed ✅
  • basedonreallife
  • basedonmylife
  • irl
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Long Distance Relationship by asdfgeaaa
Long Distance Relationshipby ♡ stacie ♡
This is about a girl who is LDR at the moment. Based on real life and was inspired by my bestfriend. So, I dedicate this to her. Every event here was made all by myself.
  • ldr
  • longdistancerelationship
  • basedonreallife
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The Misfits' Guide to Love, Drama, and Other High School Bullshit by ARandom03
The Misfits' Guide to Love, This is Ye Mum
A group of high school friends known as the Misfits deal with the regular ups and downs of life in a modern-day American high school.
  • lesbianromance
  • drama
  • misfit
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Voices|🔏 by Horror-Child
Voices|🔏by Another Person At The Moment
I am not insane I am not mad I am just different But slowly breaking
  • innerpeace
  • innerthoughts
  • friendsandfamily
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I'm gay for my best friend? by iamawesome1225
I'm gay for my best friend?by iamawesome1225
this is a simple story of 2 boys-Diego and Marcus. They are bestfriends. this is the story of how they get together and stay together through many trials.
  • guyxguy
  • whyamidoingthis
  • fiction
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His Promise by darkmelody64
His Promiseby darkmelody64
(my first love life) never in your life would you think that the stranger next to you is the one and only. Chelo Lopez ay isang simpleng high schooler sa MDNHS at dun ni...
  • love
  • basedontruelife
  • ssc
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Sayri by Andree_Poveda
Sayriby Nikolas Poveda
"Príncipe, el que siempre da ayuda a quien lo pide" 2018 Portada : Ciudad Nocturna por, Camilo Waxxman.
  • latino
  • exam
  • colombia
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Puppy Love by asdfgeaaa
Puppy Loveby ♡ stacie ♡
This is based on real life and I dedicate this to my brother and someone who used to have a crush on him
  • complete
  • oneshot
  • puppylove
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Journal of a Teenage Boy by thevictorystar
Journal of a Teenage Boyby Andrew Kim
Brief monologues based on my own life experiences, positive, negative, or somewhere in between. There isn't really a set upload schedule, but I will try to publish as ma...
  • highschoollife
  • basedonreallife
  • faith-in-god
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The Boy in The Class by Wixlymsia
The Boy in The Classby Issy or Wixxy
What do you expect when 9th grade teacher Martin , Nurrey find himself with some 'distracting' thoughts about his 'interesting student. Diego is an A student but his beh...
  • meandmyfriendneedhelp
  • highschoolromance
  • basedonreallife
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Short Stories Based On My Life by YaoiLemonChan
Short Stories Based On My Lifeby YaoiLemonChan
Haven't you ever gotten those feelings where you just gotta let it out? Well that's what I'm doing.
  • trigger
  • basedonmylife
  • shortstory
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A Single Rose  by JSewall
A Single Rose by JSewall
COMPLETED. Based on a true story. A rose withers along with her idea of love... (short story)
  • basedonatruestory
  • shortstories
  • poetry
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My life in a book  by beccaishcraZy
My life in a book by beccaishcraZy
  • mylife
  • basedonatruestory
  • growingup
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From New to Known, Again. by Hvzel82
From New to Known, Hvzel
Hazel Maryam is new to Promise Hill High after being home schooled for 2 years, being taken out of the school system in 7th grade. Thing is, She was the queen of the sch...
  • homeschool
  • highschool
  • basedonreallife
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Sincerely, Pluto by tonitopazcansteponme
Sincerely, Plutoby Gayley Williams
Imagine if the planets could feel, and talk, and think for themselves? Well ponder no longer, because that is what "Sincerely, Pluto" is all about. Pluto and t...
  • solarsystem
  • sad
  • saturn
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How it became  by Lovqlost
How it became by Perishemz
When Emily joins her old school again she made a promise to herself that she wouldn't be the same she would be ... different but she's in for a real surprise when she ma...
  • teenfiction
  • adventure
  • drama
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Saying goodbye to your world by ThaScurge
Saying goodbye to your worldby ThaScurge
Want a story of real life "fairytale"? Jayce: Long distance isn't my thing. Never was. I never stay with them that long. Girls that is, she knew that. Why I st...
  • hurt
  • basedonreallife
  • navy
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Looking Forwardby ANGEL MAE O. GONZALES
This book is about there secret feelings towards to each other. Will they be the same of level up to the next round...
  • tagalog
  • basedonreallife
  • levelup
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Split by alainasoccer
Splitby alaina pemberton
A short story; A small town girl by the name of Jess Andrews has always had a crush on the boy across the street, but when a new boy arrives in town, will she fall for h...
  • hotgirl
  • reallife
  • basedonreallife
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