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Silent Poetry by seven_hues
Silent Poetryby Sreeja Naskar
(#1 in metaphor) At late nights, I could see those choked words rushing out of my throat-shouting their presence in the ink of the broken pen. They are awake to be in...
CRU$HE$ OUT OF ORD€R  by Muski_13
CRU$HE$ OUT OF ORD€R by Cliffhanger Queen
What happens when you have a crush..your bestie has a crush...your sister has a crush...your old friend has a crush....your brother's girlfriend has a crush and finally...
Being an Indian: Poems & More by rishu_waffle
Being an Indian: Poems & Moreby Rishita Raj
Poems, stories, and more about being an Indian girl! Highest Ranking (12/2/2022): #339 in poem out of 174k stories!
The Abandoned Wolf by midnightth3furry
The Abandoned Wolfby midnightth3furry
This book is about a tundra wolf that is abandoned and deserted by its mother. This is my story, the story of midnight. The reason I'm called midnight is because of the...
Where is my mind? by th3g4yw1tch
Where is my mind?by th3g4yw1tch
This is a book about a gay kid who has a shitty family but amazing friends Tw- self harm, swearing, homophobia, sexual assault, mention of cigarettes and alcohol, mentio...
to my first love by _maybemiko_
to my first loveby 𝕞𝕚𝕜𝕠 ❤︎︎
right person; wrong time. all of these short stories are based on lines in songs. some of you guys may not think of it as right person wrong time but if you were in my s...
INSECURITIES  by yourstudybuddy22
INSECURITIES by yourstudybuddy22
Lahat naman Tayo may insecurities Diba! Isa na ako dun,gusto ko lang ishare sa inyo Yung mga nararanasan ko sa mga insecurities ko,Kung nakita lang siguro yung insecu...
The Egg - A Short Story By Andy Weir (Art by Kurzkesagt - In A Nutshell) by MohdD138
The Egg - A Short Story By Andy Mhd D
We All Have Our Own Perception Of The Afterlife, Some Quite Vague, Some Direct, And Some Have Endless Possibilities. This Is A Short Story By Andy Weir, It Gives A Whole...
~ This Life I Live ~ by CommanderNovella47
~ This Life I Live ~by CommanderNovella
People live, People smile, People frown, People laugh, People cry, People feel happiness, People feel sorrow, People feel pain, People feel heartbreak, And people try to...
Stomach Tied In Knots ✔ by RoseCarter501
Stomach Tied In Knots ✔by Rose Carter
The only thing more exhausting then having a mental illness and pretending that you don't. Jess Williams is a sixteen year old girl with a secret. She has something eat...
The Selling of Useless stuff: Sticks  by enrichness
The Selling of Useless stuff: Erich
It was all fine and normal until I picked up a strange stick that would change my life................
Anna by Unicorn_Sparkles2006
Annaby ⭐️Sav⭐️
Anna was always a happy girl even in the toughest situations. She was the daughter of a disabled woman and a poor artist. When she was 3 her whole life was turned upside...
A Story Of My Life (Camilo X Reader) by SunsetKizaki_
A Story Of My Life (Camilo X Sunset Kizaki
this was actually my first story if I was the one who make encanto 2 (series) even tho that isn't out yet so enjoy btw this story use she/her (fem) pronouns
My Life to myself  by Susan5978
My Life to myself by HanSusan.xx
The life story about Susan *Character* from my friends in a nutshell ✨✨2004-2022✨✨ My story basically is about my life Sometimes it can be life gets easier
A realization short story based on true events
My dL fantasy  by secret-transgender
My dL fantasy by A diaper lover
Most of this is a fantasy but the rest is true any suggestions please comment don't be afraid
the lost girl by StrayBm
the lost girlby StrayBm
When A Girl Finds herself starting a new school, Secondary school with more people who she doesn't know she doesn't know what to do, love and hate is in place but ultima...
Is This The Fate PART 1 by YasmineShanDran
Is This The Fate PART 1by Yasmine
I'm fooled by your words, I'm losing you as a friend, I'm your enemy from now onwards.
St. Martin's Day (Second Draft) by xhenshaowrites
St. Martin's Day (Second Draft)by Afr
Second draft of "St. Martin's Day", previously under the prototype name "God, You Made The World All Wrong".
Not Meant to Be by ashtroshius
Not Meant to Beby Joey Chen
A short story about how two people can't be together.