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Soukoku Goes To UA! [Bsd X Mha] by WanWanWou
Soukoku Goes To UA! [Bsd X Mha]by Wan !
Mori decides to send Soukoku to infiltrate UA. (And maybe finally get his ship together.)
Help Me by b00kster
Help Meby 炸鸡
Riley Thompson has always been the quiet girl in the corner. The girl who never talks to anyone. The girl who has no friends. But what they don't know is that she is als...
Breaking the Ice | ✍🏼 by ikc_writes
Breaking the Ice | ✍🏼by IKC
A brother and a sister. One is the captain of the hockey team in a small town while the other aspires to be the best figure skater out there. But what happens when they...
742 - Yoongi x reader by kray92
742 - Yoongi x readerby kray92
Y/N works at a busy coffee shop in the heart of Seoul. Each day at exactly 7:42am, she is greeted without fail by a suspiciously masked customer who orders the same blan...
Broken - TommyInnit Angst by Amitayor
Broken - TommyInnit Angstby Amelia Taylor
TRIGGER WARNING FOR SELF HARM, ED, DEPRESSION, MENTIONS OF SUICIDE Tommyinnit, the famous twitch streamer, has a lot going on behind the cameras. He hates himself, self...
A Slight Perspective Change: A BNHA Female Deku FanFiction by A-ViridianSpaceBerry
A Slight Perspective Change: A I'm Sailing To Space, Y'all
What would happen if Midoriya had been a girl from birth? How would the story change? What would it affect? .................... Hey Guys! Wow, another BNHA Fanfiction...
Dear Bully by lemonlove13
Dear Bullyby Lil' Lexi
(Book 1) (DONE) (#6 in Help me. #16 in no #13 in more #30 in suicidalthoughts #537 in death #458 in friends #324 in bully) Lexi gets bullied. Jason is the bully. Lexi wr...
Gacha Cringe by spiccywriter
Gacha Cringeby spiccywriter
✰ This Is a book full of Gacha Heat & Cringe. I will be roasting all of the Gacha Heat and Cringe I see. ✰ Sir Racoon will offer you Bleach at all times. Thank you for r...
Just Breathe: Sequel to Bullied By My Brothers by LarryStylinson1D454
Just Breathe: Sequel to Bullied Grace Evans
This is the sequel to Bullied By My Brothers. If you haven't already, I would definitely recommend to read that book first! -------------------- Ellie has four brothers...
Losers (Jake X Johnnie) by Babgell2
Losers (Jake X Johnnie)by Blurp
After Jake and Tara break up, him and Johnnie seem to gravitate to eachother, finding themselves wanting to cuddle with one another or to kiss the other.
Why Me?! (Discontinued) by muxchluv
Why Me?! (Discontinued)by [GOOD BYE]
Cold, cynical and a brute. Those are the words that are used to describe Y/n Leo. The daughter of Remnant's most powerful Grimm hunters. Hunter and Saikyo Leo. Upon goi...
Bungou stray dogs memes by Unex_302
Bungou stray dogs memesby . . .
Yes sir/ma'am.Here are Bungou stray dogs memes just for you...and other thousands of otakus/weebs.
Genshin smut one shots ( requests open) by acidcakes
Genshin smut one shots ( @cid._.c@k3s
Dis one shot request book Cover art by Yeabo🔞 on Twitter
Hah No ||KNY x Reader|| by Birudonbread
Hah No ||KNY x Reader||by CatOn A Heely
Time for an adventure to the world of Y/n Shinazugawa, with her hellish life trying to stop, the dee-hee-mon himself, Muzan Kibutsuji [DISCONTINUED] ... [Attention! the...
Doors oneshots 👁🚪 by Yli_Lmao
Doors oneshots 👁🚪by Lᵒᵛᵉᵧₒᵤ
Smut will be in this 😨 ∴━━━✿━━━∴ Start date: 2/12/2023 End date: 6/19/2023 ∴━━━✿━━━∴ Ended at: 67.6k readers and 991 votes. ∴━━━✿━━━∴
Total Drama group chat + Alejandro 😍 by spidergrl1
Total Drama group chat + vampwebgrl ★
Got obsessed with these so I wanted to make one of my own Ships: noco, gidgette, gwourtney, trustin, aletyler I will update slow so I can get ideas Request are open if y...
Class 309 (Catradora highschool au) by JadeOfJade123
Class 309 (Catradora highschool au)by Catradora Canon
Never have I thought I would meet someone like you. Guess class 309 was the right one for me. The right one so I could meet you.
Zoophobia by LustyDustyNuggets
Zoophobiaby Peace Benches
None of the comic is mine I'm just reposting it here If you want to read the comic than here Comic by vivziepop