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First Date (Skysolo AU) by mychemicalstarwars
First Date (Skysolo AU)by Disenchanted Angel
14-year-old Luke Skywalker was your typical nerd, and everyone thought it would stay that way. That is, until badboy Han Solo corners him after school one day and asks h...
Adopted by My Chemical Romance (MCR fanfiction) by ThatGeekyGirl12
Adopted by My Chemical Romance ( Kyla Grace
13 year old Melody Grace has lived in an orphanage her whole life, until she gets adopted by her idols.
Madness of Two ~ a Peterick AU by umbrellasandvinyl
Madness of Two ~ a Peterick AUby PeterickRydenFrerardFreak
A Peterick high school AU. Completed. When a compromising photo of cool emo Pete is leaked, he is pushed away from everyone, other than the person he'd never thought he'...
Boy X Boy One-Shots by _ValleyGuzhu
Boy X Boy One-Shotsby Jin Min Hyun
Just multiple random Homosexual, Erotic, Funny, Fluffy and Maybe Smutty one shots. Writing them in my spare time Doesn't have gore in it but it will have feels and trig...
Emo Memes by JUST_A_FaM
Emo Memesby Shipper
I have a lot of memes in my phone and idk what to do with them ;-;
Must Listen To - Songs/Bands by ray-toro
Must Listen To - Songs/Bandsby katrina
Basically all the songs I believe are in need of checking out!
Growing old together (Mark Tuan) by midna117
Growing old together (Mark Tuan)by midna117
Another request. This time it is for the most innocent girl I know, so no smut. However, this will have more parts, because I couldn't fit all of her requests in one fic...
The holy emo bible by _yourlocalemo_
The holy emo bibleby
This is place where all fellow emos can come together. It comes complete with random band stuff, fangirl moments, and the occasional bad pun. Very bandom much phan such...
Gay Band One-Shots by piercetheemoclub
Gay Band One-Shotsby piercetheemoclub
Hello ladies, gentemen and everyone in betwen this is a book with gay band one-shot.
Novocaine by mostly_cereal
Novocaineby infinity treestump
One shot story. Pete Wentz is a struggling director and Patrick Stump is the choosen actor for his forbidden love movie.
The Random Fandom Zodiacs by Thegreyhooded0ne
The Random Fandom Zodiacsby Grey [A Deviant]
Includes: Fandoms that I So enjoy! P.s The cover of the book and the story was made by me Including all the photos(not all,some of them)I made in this book...
Ranting is FUN! by lizzyann69
Ranting is FUN!by Lizzy Ann
Ranting is something everybody can relate to. So, prepare to relate, I guess? Idk haha. :)
band au // one shots by theunderstudyinlove
band au // one shotsby kyra !!
one shots of cute OTP things c:
Song Lyrics by ryro_urie
Song Lyricsby 🖤
A book full of some of my favorite lyrics from some of my favorite songs. (Mostly rock, alternative, pop punk/emo)
fucking art ass bitch hoe by tylerjosehp
fucking art ass bitch hoeby S I N
fucking art woooh follow my instagram: @brbeebo
Space Cowboys? (frerard, petekey, read desc lol) by leophobia4
Space Cowboys? (frerard, mikey way’s inhaler
twitter asked for a fanfic au where frank is a "dusty wild west cowboy" and gerard is an "intergalactic space alien," so i did this. give it a chanc...