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▲╼ mч fαndσm chαrαctєrs' thєmєsσngs ╾▲ by DoritoPawzia
▲╼ mч fαndσm chαrαctєrs' thєmєsσ what the frick frack patty wa...
uh yeah I didn't like the style of the last one so um here's the new one
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Adopted by My Chemical Romance (MCR fanfiction) by ThatGeekyGirl12
Adopted by My Chemical Romance ( Kyla Grace
13 year old Melody Grace has lived in an orphanage her whole life, until she gets adopted by her idols.
  • gerardway
  • mcr
  • fandom
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RENEGADES  by rosyjodie
RENEGADES by ❌ 𝕛𝕠𝕕𝕚𝕖 ❌
years ago, the government captured 14 homeless kids from the streets and used them in experimentation. they were creating superhumans for enforcing their power and for...
  • carziger
  • alexsnowden
  • kellic
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First Date (Skysolo AU) by mychemicalstarwars
First Date (Skysolo AU)by Disenchanted Angel
14-year-old Luke Skywalker was your typical nerd, and everyone thought it would stay that way. That is, until badboy Han Solo corners him after school one day and asks h...
  • starwars
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Shipsss From Bandoms To Fandoms by imhispacifer
Shipsss From Bandoms To Fandomsby A
Random ass people I ship with other people. #92 in non-fiction 12/23/17
  • kellic
  • shassie
  • johnnie
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The Fandom/Bandoms Shots by Hufflepuffpride13
The Fandom/Bandoms Shotsby Hufflepuffpride13
Basically, ships for fandoms and bandoms. I take requests. I will write for Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, The M...
  • fandombook
  • ryden
  • minhoxthomas
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A-Z (Bandom Shots) by Hufflepuffpride13
A-Z (Bandom Shots)by Hufflepuffpride13
A book of one-shots for different bands- which I don't own by the way. For example, one chapter might be 'A' is for Apple. Each letter is a chapter, so this book will h...
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Boy X Boy One-Shots by _SilentSanctuary
Boy X Boy One-Shotsby Mr. Heart Stealer
Just multiple random Homosexual, Erotic, Funny, Fluffy and Maybe Smutty one shots. Writing them in my spare time Doesn't have gore in it but it will have feels and trig...
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  • fanfiction
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More than Friends (Ryden AU) by orangekiwi14
More than Friends (Ryden AU)by solby.golbrach
In which an unknown boy becomes known by his greatest crush, which happened to be his biggest wish. Started and Completed 2018
  • brendonurie
  • jonwalker
  • patd
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Fandom Oneshots by AnxiousEmo
Fandom Oneshotsby Mr. Marble
Instead of having five different one shot books, I'm combining some of them into this one book. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ships: Phan Frerard Andley Ryden Solby Connor x Hank Des...
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Questionable Band Member Pictures by BandannaHetfield
Questionable Band Member Picturesby BandannaHetfield
Ranges from Hollywood Undead to Metallica to SlipKnoT etc.
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  • hollywoodundead
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Emo Obscurities by -sickhearts
Emo Obscuritiesby cece
Rare music from the emo trinity... Includes demos, rough mixes, unreleased songs, and non-album songs
  • emo
  • mcr
  • brendonurie
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oneshots // fandoms by Ironic-Peace-Signs
oneshots // fandomsby Percy
open to requests. many fandoms. (if i don't know a fandom, you can request something else)
  • phần
  • miraculous
  • voltron
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more than beautiful // multiship one shots by rosyjodie
more than beautiful // multiship ❌ 𝕛𝕠𝕕𝕚𝕖 ❌
multiship bandom one shots includes: gawsten jalex kellic carziger andley and some more on the way!! 🌺 a mix of cute and wholesome and angst, \\trigger warnings in...
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  • gawsten
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Written | Death ('soulmate' AU) by tear-in-my-fandoms
Written | Death ('soulmate' AU)by Aimee
Tyler's soulmate had never written him anything. Tyler did. He always sent his soulmate little notes scattered all over his arms and legs. So when his soulmate replies...
  • ryanross
  • joshler
  • romance
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Group Chat by izzythesociopath
Group Chatby Izzy
brendon urine has started a chat. brendon urine: *insert awesome one liner to start off this epic group chat*
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  • peterick
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Blooming Buds by Hufflepuffpride13
Blooming Budsby Hufflepuffpride13
They were the perfect students. Angels, the teachers called them. They were bullied terribly, for many reasons. Being not straight was a huge reasons, though being perfe...
  • kellic
  • piercetheveil
  • frerard
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McSatan's by _Pie_Bombs_
McSatan'sby PieBombs
The Clergy doesn't go out in public very often, for this specific reason. Ghost is a polygamist group and their uniforms are a 24/7 thing so doing everyday stuff gets a...
  • ghost
  • namelessghouls
  • papaemeritus
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The Random Fandom Zodiacs by Thegreyhooded0ne
The Random Fandom Zodiacsby Grey [A Deviant]
Includes: Fandoms that I So enjoy! P.s The cover of the book and the story was made by me Including all the photos(not all,some of them)I made in this book...
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