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Adopted by My Chemical Romance (MCR fanfiction) by ThatGeekyGirl12
Adopted by My Chemical Romance ( Kyla Grace
13 year old Melody Grace has lived in an orphanage her whole life, until she gets adopted by her idols.
Boy X Boy One-Shots by _ValleyGuzhu
Boy X Boy One-Shotsby Jin Min Hyun
Just multiple random Homosexual, Erotic, Funny, Fluffy and Maybe Smutty one shots. Writing them in my spare time Doesn't have gore in it but it will have feels and trig...
How To Be A Fabulous Killjoy by FuelledByFandoms
How To Be A Fabulous Killjoyby Faye, Stevee Ti0 and Daniel??
This is a handbook to teach you how to be a fabulous killjoy
Group Chat by izzythesociopath
Group Chatby Izzy
brendon urine has started a chat. brendon urine: *insert awesome one liner to start off this epic group chat*
oneshots // fandoms by Ironic-Peace-Signs
oneshots // fandomsby Rowen
open to requests. many fandoms. (if i don't know a fandom, you can request something else)
Fandom Pics by satansurie
Fandom Picsby ᵗᵖʷᵏ
This was inspired by @Demiwhovian97 own fandom pic book. OFFICIALLY DISCONTINUED !
Totally Random Thoughts of a 13 Year Old by WhelderMom
Totally Random Thoughts of a 13 Nate||ناية
HIII it's Nadine the awkward fangirl. Here, you can read all my thoughts. Be warned, all lot of strange schist comes out of my mouth and happens in my brain. Enjoy the b...
..R A N T S  &  S T U F F.. by ierokink
..R A N T S & S T U F space spook
A collection of mostly unedited, weird, crazy, lively, energetic and most of all shitty musings, thoughts and rants on life, music, bands, band members, my chemical rom...
Book Of Absolutely Bandoms by ya-idjit
Book Of Absolutely Bandomsby ASSBUTT
Welcome to the church of emo where fall out boy has risen from the dead and and mcr has died for your sins (not tragedies.)
Everything Rhymes With Gay by TheCarrotCurse
Everything Rhymes With Gayby I am a curse
Ever fancied or shipped two band members so hard that you wish there was an element of magic that could actually bring them together?! But it's just non-existent. Most...
The Boy with the Abnormal Condition by anthenaachase
The Boy with the Abnormal Conditionby Robin >•<
Tyler is an average boy, fourteen years of age, but he has a condition that none of the doctors have an explanation for... He has hands that look like they've been paint...
Long Lost or Simply Misplaced by timelordgirl134
Long Lost or Simply Misplacedby Caitlin
{BVB FANFIC} Fever is 19 years old She meets Black Veil Brides But they all Fall in Love with her
Band Gif Imagines by I-am-so-DUN
Band Gif Imaginesby I-am-so-DUN
Some short gif imagines starring peeps from bands such as Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the disco(a.k.a Brendon Urie), twenty one pilots, and other random frens!
The holy emo bible by _yourlocalemo_
The holy emo bibleby
This is place where all fellow emos can come together. It comes complete with random band stuff, fangirl moments, and the occasional bad pun. Very bandom much phan such...
☾ Bandom Oneshots ☽ by olive5soselsd
☾ Bandom Oneshots ☽by olivia and xokayla
Collection of oneshots for bands (MCR, FOB, P!ATD, TØP ect.) and possibly YouTubers and TV show characters// olive5soselsd x -xokayla
Fearless by ryrosmilk
Fearlessby Jay
When they felt what it was like to fly without floating, to fall through the sky, back to each other again -- all in one tragic love that made them nothing more but fear...
      A Moment You'll Never Remember and A Night You'll Never forget      by Beingafangirlislife
A Moment You'll Never Lacy Mac
What happens when Panic! At the Disco performs their best concert yet. Easy it would be a moment you'll never remember and night you'll never forget. Brendon, Dallon, Ke...
McSatan's by Carcass_Crusader
McSatan'sby Carcass
The Clergy doesn't go out in public very often, for this specific reason. Ghost is a polygamist group and their uniforms are a 24/7 thing so doing everyday stuff gets a...
Emo Memes by JUST_A_FaM
Emo Memesby Shipper
I have a lot of memes in my phone and idk what to do with them ;-;