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Long Lost Ghoul by BassGirl95
Long Lost Ghoulby BassGirl95
A woman had no proper family and wants to known why. Her dream is to be part of Ghost as she is a big fan from the VERY start. She performed with many metal bands and a...
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Shadows by futurismfury
Shadowsby ▽
Papa Emeritus III has reached his time to rule the Church. But the Ghouls aren't quite what he had expected.
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If You Have Ghosts (Papa Emeritus III) by NamelessAether
If You Have Ghosts (Papa NamelessAether
>> Just to make something clear. This book is a parody, full of black humour. The goal is not to be considered offensive (for example, word 'fag' may sound offensi...
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Star Crossed Lovers by GhostlyScales_411
Star Crossed Loversby Madison S. Bailey
You are Alina and life as you know it will soon change. Tobias has just moved to America to make touring easier and he had no idea it would change his life, would it be...
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From Sister to Ghoulette by BassGirl95
From Sister to Ghouletteby BassGirl95
***Completed*** Mary Wight is like any other normal girl, but she's not. She is a curious person and one day at school, she met a metalhead and became friends. Her life...
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Frases Satanicas. {Ghost} by OhHellSweetHell
Frases Satanicas. {Ghost}by ~
Están los dichos, estas son frases y más que nada nombradas por la banda.
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How? (Tobias Forge) by kissthego-goat
How? (Tobias Forge)by Carnival
"All of this was very unexpected." This story plot came from a weird dream i had.⚠️
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Ghost B.C Imagines ;) by An_Awkward_Oof
Ghost B.C Imagines ;)by Autistic Apple
Oi!It's just fan fictions of one of my favorite bands 👌
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Ghost BC Oneshots by futurismfury
Ghost BC Oneshotsby ▽
I'm gonna write some oneshots here about the band Ghost! If you have any ideas/ships you want me to write about, just message me!
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I've Dreamed Of You, My Dear by EncIosure
I've Dreamed Of You, My Dearby EncIosure
Allie James is a 23 year old girl who lives with her father and little brother Richie. Bizarre​ dreams have always been something of the normal for her, that was until...
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That Dude From The Record Store by kissthego-goat
That Dude From The Record Storeby Carnival
Tobias Forge Not sure where im going with the plot but lets just see how it all unfolds ? Note: not every location such as the record store or "TRB" is a real...
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To Serve the Rats: A Ghost Fanfiction by BatsOnAPlane
To Serve the Rats: A Ghost BatsOnAPlane
Nineteen year old Reese Edwards once lived a cozy life with her rich parents on the outskirts of London until a deadly disease broke out across the country, infecting an...
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Stand By Him (Papa Emeritus III) by A_Shadows_foREVer
Stand By Him (Papa Emeritus III)by Abigail
Willow Moore for the most part lives a normal life. That is, up until she brushes lips with death, forever changing the way she lives.
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My little Ghoul by _ghost_bc_
My little Ghoulby _ghost_bc_
I wrote this story with (for) my friend Clara ❤️ (and sorry for my bad english... I am from czech :D)
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Papa's Coming by VioletFordham
Papa's Comingby Violet Murderess
Written for lovely new friend ;) all the papas!!!! So much daddy!!
Tobias Forge Imagines/One Shots by kissthego-goat
Tobias Forge Imagines/One Shotsby Carnival
Decided to make cute short stories of Tobbe because I have a lot of ideas but a lot of them aren't long enough to be a full story. Started: December 12, 2019 Ended:?
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Ghost One-Shots by NamelessAether
Ghost One-Shotsby NamelessAether
Yeah, I'm taking any kind of requests. Be as specific, as kinky, as edgy, as funny as you want. I apologise in advance if it takes too long for me to write it. I am an u...
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The Blind Girl At The Piano by KoMotionlessQueenMM
The Blind Girl At The Pianoby The Jaded Monkey
I have a tragic back story kinda predictable, but you're already here so why not stick around? I'm a young woman who's been dragged through hell and back, my body is lit...
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Book Ov Ghost  by Marilyn_emeritus2049
Book Ov Ghost by Marilyn M Emeritus
#341 in Spiritual (July 6, 2017) The Book Ov Ghost is a fan made Bible in honor ov Ghost (Ghost B.C.). Fan since July 3rd, 2016
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McSatan's by _Pie_Bombs_
McSatan'sby PieBombs
The Clergy doesn't go out in public very often, for this specific reason. Ghost is a polygamist group and their uniforms are a 24/7 thing so doing everyday stuff gets a...
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