Just Like Me by OeroGerard
Just Like Meby OeroGerard
Patrick Stump is a small lovesick 16 year old who has a massive crush on Pete Wentz, who just so happens to be the coolest kid at their school. Pete and Patrick end up...
  • falloutboy
  • ryden
  • fob
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i hired a hitman on myself // joshler [✓] by smilingtyler
i hired a hitman on myself // frisk
this is why you should never trust the roommate you got off of craigslist. 3/09/17 {#816 in fanfiction} 3/18/17 {#206 in fanfiction} 3/25/17 {#185 in fanfiction} 3/29/17...
  • melaniemartinez
  • brendonurie
  • joshdun
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the internet » peterick ✔️ by poppunkfob
the internet » peterick ✔️by bri
in which the members of fall out boy meet over the Internet and two start to catch feelings (peterick with side trohley and some other ships) // est January 23rd, 2016 ...
  • andyhurley
  • joshler
  • group
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Mr Weekes (Brallon Fanfiction) by AlSmiffy
Mr Weekes (Brallon Fanfiction)by AlSmiffy
Brendon urie, the classic trouble maker, ready for another boring year of school. Well, he thought it would be boring, but maybe a new teacher could give him a new persp...
  • joe
  • billie
  • brendon
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Best Of Lives ; ryden by Cyercari
Best Of Lives ; rydenby Tyler ➵
? "Everytime I wake up, I'm fucking terrified somebody else might take my place as the person you're supposed to hate," "Why?" "Because at least...
  • ryanross
  • falloutboy
  • gay
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Uncle Pete  by PeterickPhan
Uncle Pete by T
[Rewrite] Patrick doesn't really know how to love, his parents divorced because they constantly fought, and his last ex cheated on him. He likes to build up walls to ke...
  • andyhurley
  • fanfiction
  • panicatthedisco
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"We Weren't The Same!"   by petescrown
"We Weren't The Same!" by 𝓈𝓌𝑒𝑒𝓉𝒽𝑒𝒶𝓇𝓉
"As long as you're here in my arms, nothing will ever hurt you." • *completed*
  • joetrohman
  • wattys2018
  • adamgontier
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Peterick Oneshots by pancakesmademefat
Peterick Oneshotsby Em
As the title says, Peterick oneshots!
  • andyhurley
  • joetrohman
  • peterick
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Emo Quartet Oneshots (Gay Ships) by TargetRange
Emo Quartet Oneshots (Gay Ships)by currently locked in a room wi...
Joshler • Frerard • Peterick • Brallon • Rikey • Trohley • Ryden
  • frerard
  • petewentz
  • patrickstump
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multiship kik groupchat; brallon, joshler, frerard, peterick by ttiffanyyttrann
multiship kik groupchat; t ! f f ø n y
this fic contains mainly brallon. oops? so i completed it,, this was really bad, man. the a/n's were so cringy but i'm not gonna edit them :)
  • groupchat
  • peterick
  • joshler
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Crash Course Dead (Peterick/Joetrick) by soulpunkpatrick
Crash Course Dead (Peterick/ perla
The dead are walking, and Patrick Stump is one of thousands of survivors left to fend for himself in the harsh post-apocalyptic ruins of Chicago. It wasn't always so dre...
  • zombie
  • zombieapocalypse
  • gay
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pass it on - Brallon by wonderlandjoseph
pass it on - Brallonby a u d r e y !!
awstentexas: BRALLON WILL BE CANNON PASS IT ON petewentz: @awstentexas said brallon will be cannon
  • mychemicalromance
  • frerard
  • joshler
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S T U P I D ; joshler by -dxntdxdrxgs
Tyler isn't too keen on the way his heart seems to flutter around the new kid. Josh isn't too keen on people calling Tyler stupid. cover by @ninjasexparker completed co...
  • petekey
  • frerard
  • boyxboy
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emo memes 🌙 by cnbrkxoxo
emo memes 🌙by wish i could erase my memories
memes ☀ band trash emo trinity + tøp ☁ my chemical romance 💉 panic! at the disco ✝️ fall out boy 🔮 +twenty øne piløts 🔸 130917 ⭐
  • mikeyway
  • peterick
  • joetrohman
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Lets Not And Say We Did by kayiswritting
Lets Not And Say We Didby Not O-Fucking-Kay
A gay twist on a Harlequin tale. CEO Pete Wentz is in trouble. After a very emotional breakup with his girlfriend (emotional on her end of course), She decided to ruin h...
  • harlequin
  • falloutboy
  • peterick
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Band Pictures You Didn't Know You Needed // Volume 2 by -xFallOutGirlx-
Band Pictures You Didn't Know ★ twenty one pilots ★
Ayyy, here's book 2 of the trash
  • joshdun
  • patrickstump
  • peterick
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welcome to the game // joshler [✓] by smilingtyler
welcome to the game // joshler [✓]by frisk
[SEQUEL TO I "HIRED A HITMAN ON MYSELF"] "you don't know who we are, what we've done, and what this place'll do to you." book started: 03/25/17 book...
  • 21pilots
  • joshdun
  • dallonweekes
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Something Wonderful //Brallon- Multiship// by immatureatbest
Something Wonderful //Brallon- jj🦔
Brendon Urie moved to The Other Side Of The World to take up an art school offer he just couldn't refuse. He left behind his friends and nothing else. (groupchat fanfic...
  • jonwalker
  • ottowood
  • tylerjoseph
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W e a k n e s s [Peterick  AU] - #Wattys2016 by Dreammaker_222
W e a k n e s s [Peterick AU] - m a r t y
An excellent serial killer, who has never failed any of his missions. Nobody can soften his cold heart... Except one. Highest ranking so far: #2 in Peterick & #1 in Fall...
  • peterick
  • boy
  • wattys2016
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thotrick: mm yes hello boys joe: kys group chat au
  • mychemicalromance
  • tøp
  • groupchat
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