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The Day | JJP ✓ by dabdabdoubleb
The Day | JJP ✓by dabdabdoubleb
{COMPLETED} The day childhood friends meet again is the day where this all starts. A project, a reconciled love, and a life in danger. A story about lost love and growin...
Lock You up by authumii
Lock You upby authumii
It was all just by chance. #markjin
Spice of Love by authumii
Spice of Loveby authumii
Mark was in desperate need of a flatmate but the thing was the new flatmate happened to be someone who he had bullied years ago. #markjin
hey buddy | svt added member  by amoureuxlalune
hey buddy | svt added member by lala
┊ ➶ 。˚ ° HEY BUDDY ! ━ where seventeen is a group with 14 members and 3 sub - units
blocked | yoonmin by simplyoonmin
blocked | yoonminby simplyoonmin
when yoongi can't help but fall for the fanboy who is constantly blocking him.
bad Girl? || Hyunjin X Reader by jinouty
bad Girl? || Hyunjin X Readerby choco
Y/n has been traumatized by her past, she doesn't like getting close to people. She's a very lonely person but she doesn't really care, as long she has her mom she's goo...
sister | vsoo  by yoomiiee
sister | vsoo by sam ⪩⪨
irene has always been the first in everything, whilst jisoo always comes in second after her. but what happens when kim taehyung comes into the picture? will it be the s...
ℍ𝕌ℝ𝕋 | ℍ𝕠𝕤𝕖𝕠𝕜 𝕏 𝔹𝕋𝕊✅ by ivna_jung
ℍ𝕌ℝ𝕋 | ℍ𝕠𝕤𝕖𝕠𝕜 𝕏 𝔹𝕋𝕊✅by ✰ꫝꪮρꫀ✰
HURT| Hoseok X BTS # Just a feeling for others but pain for someone who is going throught it. # Sometimes it's better to keep silent than to tell others what you feel...
Single's inferno 3  by rowr__
Single's inferno 3 by rowr:)
In a whirlwind decision, Kim Nabi throws herself into the sizzling arena of the third season of Singles Inferno, a hot dating show that promises sparks and surprises. Wh...
face // jackbum by jibootyjimin
face // jackbumby alexa
@defsoul has started following @jiaerwang or an Instagram au in which famous Chinese rapper Jackson Wang acts like a complete fanboy over idol singer Im Jaebum
Bumping Into You || Jackson Wang by _Lushie
Bumping Into You || Jackson Wangby someone
Facing towards the beautiful bay, she closed her eyes and listened to the sounds around her. "What happened?" Her sister asked as she looked at her, furrowing...
Who says?  by Srmhera
Who says? by Srmhera
It's been a whole year since Ga On met Yuhan in the hall after that explosion. "He just showed his face and disappeared."
Kpop Smuts by Astro_fan13
Kpop Smutsby Astro_fan13
Just a bunch of one shots
To The Crushes  ▬ Na Jaemin by Moonnctzen
To The Crushes ▬ Na Jaeminby Moonnctzen
❝Be my girlfriend.❞ The blue-haired boy said with a sly smirk on his face. ▬ Na Jaemin AU ▬When a boy tries to get back with his girlfriend but ends up falling in lov...
OUR DESTINY (NAMJIN FF ) ✅ by ShreyaSaha003
[COMPLETED] [Not proofread.] What will happen when two strangers who never met each other (this is actually what they think) had to get married? Especially when their st...
roses [jungkook] by bangtansfiction
roses [jungkook]by ashley.
"he chose the sweetest words to get her heart, and the most poisonous actions to break it." jeon jungkook, the schools playboy who picks on every girl in his w...
Perhaps Love (Jinsoo ff) by ooohrange
Perhaps Love (Jinsoo ff)by ooohrange
What happens when an ordinary girl with not-so-ordinary problems succumbs to marry the Korea's cold-hearted Prince? From nothing at all to 'I want you to be always besi...
Cupid's bow (Singles Inferno 2) by n_nyeon
Cupid's bow (Singles Inferno 2)by n_nyeon
"❥Your my dream come true" "I want to make you mine so bad" . Park Aera joins Singles Inferno 2 where she finds love, friends and a whole lot of dram...
Dangerous Pack (Taehyung x reader) Werewolf FF by abagofgarbage
Dangerous Pack (Taehyung x reader)...by Abagofgarbage
A human girl named Y/N who met a boy at her new school and something was different about him. Taehyung P.O.V (Sneak peek) We went into the classroom and I sat in the b...
five days | kim seungmin by parkuwujin
five days | kim seungminby ミ☆
show me the wifi password? she just wanted the wifi password. but she regretted asking a group of korean boys for the password, because after that, they wouldn't leave h...