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a ray of sunshine by kokofruits
a ray of sunshineby chuchuseven
"She's adorable can we keep her?" got7x child!reader This is completely platonic fluff btw. Just a cute kid having a fun time with seven boys
Lucky You (BTS x Reader x Got7 ) by koisorayume
Lucky You (BTS x Reader x Got7 )by koisorayume
The reader, a normal college kpop fan, wishes one night that she could meet BTS. To her surprise, they actually appear! In the midst of handling the chaos of seven famou...
Kpop Imagines by _namjoonmylove
Kpop Imaginesby erin
Try to enjoy some random kpop imagines. I'm not the best writer but I hope you appreciate my effort. [Requests Are Open] UPDATES SEMI SLOW
seen | jackson wang x reader by rivarte
seen | jackson wang x readerby miravx
in which he sends her messages, even after she had ran away. - lowercase intended - :: #175 in got7 - 051218 ::
special | mark tuan ff by mikoarch1ves_
special | mark tuan ffby miko
"you don't have to be someone with a charming personality to make me love you" in which she won a raffle to spend time with got7 but she didn't expect for one...
Tear You Apart | GOT7 x Reader  by XoJaded
Tear You Apart | GOT7 x Reader by XoJaded
Pairings: Got7 x Reader Plot: Jaebeom and Yugyeom are "running an errand" when the most delectable scent that he ever smelled hit Yugyeom like a ton of bricks...
Beautiful Thing by CertainUncertainty11
Beautiful Thingby CertainUncertainty
GOT7 is promoting SeoulMate by wearing their device and going to "search" for their soulmate. While their devices are active, they're not allowed to actually c...
Save Me (Got7 X Reader) by YOUR_LOST_JAMS
Save Me (Got7 X Reader)by YOUR_LOST_JAMS
A story when a 10 year old girl messages her idol to escape her hell. This was inspired by 'Seen' a Jackson Wang x reader. This is completely made up. This contains phys...
Kpop Yandere Oneshots by chogiwawchanyeol
Kpop Yandere Oneshotsby 촉이와우 찬열
"love. me. back. you don't have a choice." yandere (ヤンデレ) (n. or adj. ) def: A character who is obsessed with their love interest, sometimes demonstrating this...
Danger Girl (BTS x Reader x Got7) by jammygurls
Danger Girl (BTS x Reader x Got7)by Jammy
DISCOUNTED Started: May 5, 2018 DISCOUNTED: November 19, 2018
Mayday | • Mark x Reader • | GOT7 by ExcuuseMeKookie
Mayday | • Mark x Reader • | GOT7by Depressed fuck
He must have been crazy to see my stepsister, the girl who made my life a living hell. Would he see her true colors? Would he get close to me? Our story began when I sen...
Happy Moans by yehetpabo
Happy Moansby F
don't trust the dirty title 'cause this is not a +15 story if you can't accept swearing,better not read the girl has a foolish language but she is nice sometimes enjoy...
My brother's band mate by theoutsidereads
My brother's band mateby the.outside
Bambam and his little sister move to Korea for Bambam's job when she meets Bambam's friend this get a little messy *this is my first story so it's probably really bad* ...
got7 imagines <3 by taehyungie-pabo
got7 imagines <3by Mia
Hiii! This is my Got7 imagines book. I don't publish anymore but I'm quite proud of these so give the couple chapters I have a read! I put lots of effort into them but a...
protection; i.jb by Carousel22
protection; i.jbby grace
but what if i don't want your protection?
Autograph  by iamyoursinblog
Autograph by Show me yours sins! 🔞
Pairing: Jackson Wang x Reader Sometimes you wanted to kill your best friends. Today was exactly this evening
toxic || k.yg by -dempsey-
toxic || k.ygby Rowena
"fuck you" "that's your job"
Green-Eyed Monster by iamyoursinblog
Green-Eyed Monsterby Show me yours sins! 🔞
Pairing: Lim Jaebeom x Reader Genre: fluff/smut Word Count: 4.8 k