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The Babysitter ✔ | Choi Youngjae by KayKyutie
The Babysitter ✔ | Choi Youngjaeby KayKyutie
She's a troublemaker. A rebel. She never follows the rules. The bad influence. And her older brother is sick of it. And so, he hires his work friend as a babysitter for...
  • igot7
  • got7yugyeom
  • got7bambam
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illegal; 2jae by minqhxos
illegal; 2jaeby riles
all jaebum wanted was a little bit of fun. highest ranks; #32 in #imjaebum - 11/23/18 #25 in #choiyoungjae - 12/8/18 #10 in #2jae - 12/8/18 #4 in #youngjae - 2/7/18
  • got7
  • youngjae
  • wonwoo
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The Only Omega (GOT7 X Jackson) by RobloxianRobot
The Only Omega (GOT7 X Jackson)by Air
When the weakest Omega was pregnant by one of the strongest alpha. Warning: Male Pregnancy Smut Kinks The worst ABO story you have ever seen as it is not logical
  • jinyoung
  • youngjae
  • jackam
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Bodyguard / 2Jae✔ by SpiritualGotBangtan
Bodyguard / 2Jae✔by SpiritualGotBangtan
"Hyung I'm scared." "Don't worry, I'm here."
  • jaebum
  • 2jae
  • bromance
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《Hanahaki》2jae by MultiFandomKpoperr
《Hanahaki》2jaeby Starr
Youngjae always admired their leader. He loved Jb's smile, his personality even if he had anger issues he still thought it was cute, he just loved everything about him...
  • yugbam
  • jinyoung
  • 2jae
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imessage / completed by softsang
imessage / completedby syif
thinking about you at four in the morning [2jae]
  • wattys2017
  • imjaebum
  • 2jae
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Hidden Behind Innocence / 2jae✔ by SpiritualGotBangtan
Hidden Behind Innocence / 2jae✔by SpiritualGotBangtan
He pushed him against the wall, hands capturing Youngjae's neck as he tightened his hold as he stared deeply into his eyes. He chuckled for a second and whispered huskil...
  • choiyoungjae
  • little
  • jbgot7
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Dangerous Pack (Taehyung x reader) Werewolf FF by abagofgarbage
Dangerous Pack (Taehyung x reader) Abagofgarbage
A human girl named Y/N who met a boy at her new school and something was different about him. Taehyung P.O.V (Sneak peek) We went into the classroom and I sat in the b...
  • jungkook
  • bambam
  • jinyoung
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drowning  by seokune
drowning by mangsa
are you willing to drown in his love? 1. what do you do when your crush notices you after so long? a. hide? b. run? c. go with the flow? 110117
  • daddy
  • choiyoungjaesmut
  • youngjae
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Instagram ★ Markson by parkinsidemejimin
Instagram ★ Marksonby A.J.R.R 💖
Mark runs a famous fan account for Jackson in which with the help of friends they become markson. [completed]
  • bambam
  • mark
  • jackson
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Got7 and BTS Interracial Imagines, Reactions, and Scenarios by _KoDeOs_
Got7 and BTS Interracial _KoDeOs_
I take requests
  • jinbts
  • marktuan
  • jacksonwang
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GOT7 IMAGINES by akamarks
GOT7 IMAGINESby akamarks✨
-A compilation of fluffy, sweet sometimes tear-jerking imagines for the seven loves of my life and my reasons for living? -7 or nothing 7 or never -Requests are open [DM...
  • jaebum
  • igot7
  • fanfiction
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GOT7 Smuts by sarahlovink
GOT7 Smutsby Sarah🌚
I'm so unholy oh my gosh. Started-July 8 2017 Highest rank-#4 in Jinyoung
  • youngjae
  • yugyeom
  • random
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Mystic Messenger: Got7 x Reader by coco-fics
Mystic Messenger: Got7 x Readerby Coco
Got7 Mystic Messenger AU In which Y/N downloads an app to chat with pretty boys...
  • got7au
  • jackson
  • got7mark
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Group Chat by wannabe224
Group Chatby Momo
Trash. 7 people get put in a group chat and madness and dorkiness ensues with some ships A HECKA LOT OF CURSING AND ADULT HUMOR BTW
  • chat
  • bambam
  • yugbam
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Overnight Lose by kobiteo
Overnight Loseby 에이
Going back to the high school days of a girl who suffers from a unique rare type of amnesia.
  • girl
  • jimin
  • seokjin
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breakfast delivery - 2jae by yoursjae
breakfast delivery - 2jaeby シャキーン
when jaebum just wanted to get youngjae to eat again
  • youngjae
  • got7
  • jaebum
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Got7 smut by Hoe75722
Got7 smutby
smut but you can request something else as well
  • jinyoung
  • markjin
  • gay7
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After School | Markjinson by lucastiddymilk
After School | Markjinsonby jass' bbyboy
Mark Tuan and Park Jinyoung both feel incredibly attracted to their new teacher, Jackson Wang. What would the boys do to get recognized by their teacher? "Control t...
  • jackson
  • marktuan
  • ahgase
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