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Separable Opposites (An Error x Ink Fanfic)   ***DISCONTINUED*** by Sansy-ton33
Separable Opposites (An Error x Sansy-ton33
Day and night. Good and evil. White and black. Heaven and hell. Creation and destruction. All of these are opposites, but they can't exist without the other. Ink and Er...
Sancest Oneshots by shipper_Icewolf
Sancest Oneshotsby _Brøken._.Fałła_
fair warning I made this at I apologize for the existence of this book. information will be in the introduction. I'm gonna regret this-
Fem!Godess!Y/n x DreamXD by Therainbowcookielove
Fem!Godess!Y/n x DreamXDby `MysteriousEnder´
just so you know i did FEMALE!Y/n because I use alot of she/her pronouns. But you can still read or try too if your a man or nonbinary- just so you know you might strugg...
WTF an actual Spirit!? (Date a live x OC) by _-Neon-_
WTF an actual Spirit!? (Date a Neon
Not to confused with the female warriors that causes spacequakes upon appearing. This son of a b*tch is a literal ghost. You know those spooky entities that can just pos...
BBC Sherlock Memes by KendraNullings
BBC Sherlock Memesby KendraNullings
It has been over a year since "The Final Problem" aired, and I have taken it upon myself to collect the best memes, Tumblr posts, and fanart this flaming pile...
Lightning McQueen x Thomas the Tank Engine Smut [REPOST] by DrippingInsanity
Lightning McQueen x Thomas the Adrienne
This is where it gets X-rated. A riveting love story amplified by BDSM An ORIGINAL ship created by ME. [DUE TO WATTPAD RANDOMLY DELETING THIS STORY, AT 40.4K READS, AND...
Better Off This Way... (Saiki x psychic!reader) [random frequent updates] by Susharii-Chan
Better Off This Way... (Saiki x ᴷᴵᴸᴸ ᴹᴱ
[WARNING: THIS BOOK CONTAINS SUICIDAL CONTENT AND MAYBE SELF HARM] I'm writing this book as I go Hi, I'm (y/n) (m/n) (l/n) and I'm...*sigh* you guessed it- a psychic. Ot...
✔The Owl House Scenarios✔ by fredbear211913
✔The Owl House Scenarios✔by >Fredbear<
☯. 𝘿𝙞𝙨𝙘𝙤𝙣𝙩𝙞𝙣𝙪𝙚𝙙 .☯ ( PS I do not own any characters in this book they all belong to the creator of The owl house)
Colby Brock Imagines COMPLETE by ll_379333
Colby Brock Imagines COMPLETEby Aizawa’s Assistant
All Over Again (DRV3 Saiouma) (COMPLETED) by ByakuyasMansion
All Over Again (DRV3 Saiouma) ( Abandoned Account
COVER DOES NOT BELONG TO ME, ALL RIGHT GO TO THE ORIGINAL ARTIST!! (SPOILERS) 'The Killing Game......' 'I thought It ended......' 'I'm suppose to be dead, I was crushed...
Why Megamind Is An UwU Boy by literal_snot_rag
Why Megamind Is An UwU Boyby the true father
These are the many reasons that I believe megamind could be considered an UwU boy.
𝐂𝐇𝐄𝐑𝐈𝐒𝐇 , ᵐᵃᵈⁿᵉˢˢ ᶜᵒᵐᵇᵃᵗ ᵒⁿᵉˢʰᵒᵗ by -KER0PISS
𝐂𝐇𝐄𝐑𝐈𝐒𝐇 , ᵐᵃᵈⁿᵉˢˢ ᶜᵒᵐᵇᵃᵗ ᵒⁿ 𝐒𝐀𝐋
(verb.) protect and care for (someone) lovingly. " he cared for me beyond measure and cherished me in his heart. " [ ♡ ] TW : MADNESS COMBAT STUFF !! ˚ ༘...
namjin smut  by iheartbts127
namjin smut by 🆗
You already know😏
Highschool AU!countryhumans X Reader by succmahwully
Highschool AU!countryhumans X Kyo
Book 1! The rewritten version will be published soon!
Bakudeku smut by KitttyKittykittykit
Bakudeku smutby Bakudeku smut writer
You know the drill :) hide the phone from parents close the door and get under the covers ! Maybe grab popcorn
bfb crackbook  by ShadowIsNotSane
bfb crackbook by Shadow is crazy
That moment that you realize Gelatin, Donut and Naily interacting Will only be in this dumb book...
Dear Bully ✓ by 00Queen55
Dear Bully ✓by Allison
Dear bully, You ruined my life. >< >< >< >< >< Hello fellow earthlings, this is my first time writing a book like this so excuse me if it's...
KILL ME! (Book 1)by NIY🤎
A girl that falls for her best friends step brother.
The worst Quackity Oneshots collection. by glonke
The worst Quackity Oneshots Glonke the wretched
A collection of the worst Quackity one shots you will ever lay eyes on. BE WARNED: ITS WEIRD! I apologize in advance. [Started June 24, 2020] [REstarted on October 17th...
[ ᴸᵁᵂᴱᴵ ᴄʜᴇɴɢ x ᴍᴀʟᴇ! ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ] by affogatofish
[ ᴸᵁᵂᴱᴵ ᴄʜᴇɴɢ x ᴍᴀʟᴇ! ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ]by fish
After his mother accepts a job in China, preteen Dre Park is forced to move to the new country with the L/N family. He attempts to befriend others, but loses all of the...