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Kirishima NFSW  by Juli_the_Simp
Kirishima NFSW by _Juli_erlach_
inspired by yagami yato ... it's your pov so go pick some popcorn and we ready to go✨✨ Have fun...
The Mountins (Jayfeather/Half Moon) by NerdyScarlett1120
The Mountins (Jayfeather/Half Moon)by Scarlett Blade
This story takes place in power of three and Omen of the Stars, when their in the mountains, it follows the storyline, but the cats do different stuff. Halfmoon is Broo...
International.       Prince.      Wesley.      Pebbles.     Demanding   Purpose. by FaalanuBrown
International. Faalanu Brown
Because. There. Was. A. International. Prince. Named. Prince. Wesley. Pebbles. Beca...
Pebble and the penguin by hybrids201324
Pebble and the penguinby hybrids201324
Nia is the best friend of Hubie who is a very shy and clumsy penguin. She tries to help him find the perfect pebble to give to Marina who he has a huge crush on. But as...
sans x sans/sans x reader au lemons (requests open) by Tilapida
sans x sans/sans x reader au Tilapida Conley
Sans x sans, brief. This is my first fic. Please acknowledge that. I'm also only 14, so please take that into consideration. This story is meant for 13 and up, if your u...
Scott Rubble by PerkyGoth14
Scott Rubbleby PerkyGoth14
One night, a lost little boy named Scott ventures into Bedrock to get away from a couple of goons and winds up meeting Amanda (read Caveless Girl first) and she invites...
The Selling of Useless stuff: Sticks  by enriching_1119
The Selling of Useless stuff: Erich
It was all fine and normal until I picked up a strange stick that would change my life................
Caveless Girl by PerkyGoth14
Caveless Girlby PerkyGoth14
Barney walks home from work one day to find a young caveless teenage girl with no home or family of her own and decides to allow the girl to stay over for dinner with th...
Sky song : slithers return by Wearebitchs
Sky song : slithers returnby Katie Price
This is a fanfic of sky song by Abi Elphinstone. I love this book I read it in school because thats what we were ment to do and I dont have a copy of it so im winging it...
The Pebble by GreenRider514
The Pebbleby Riravae
A Story about how something simple can be corrupted and turned evil through the greed of man.