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Classroom of the Elite: Harem School President by legal_in_my_books
Classroom of the Elite: Harem Scho...by legal_in_my_books
The story begins when Horikita Manabu's presidency is over. Unexpectedly, Kiyotaka Ayanokouji became the new student council president. Read Ayanokouji's journey as the...
Kind-koji by InfernoXtreme
Kind-kojiby Inferno X
Ayanokoji kiyotaka, a boy who has been training and studying his whole life, but now that he has a chance to live a new and peaceful life, what does he want? "I rea...
COTE X OC by Kai-Creator
Mizuhara Kai, a teenage boy who comes from a fairly rich family has been enrolled in one of the most prestigious school of Japan, Advance Nurturing High School (ANHS). H...
The Odd One Out by AnimePhysicist
The Odd One Outby Anime Physicist
In this timeline, Ayanokōji Kiyotaka, masterpiece of the White Room, attends Tokyo Advanced Nurturing High School in hopes of living the peaceful life of a normal high s...
The Pretenders (Ayanokoji x Horikita)  by Quin-X
The Pretenders (Ayanokoji x Horiki...by Quin-X
Ayanokoji's advice to Horikita took a wrong turn.
Yanderekouji x Ibuki Mio by IbukiMioBestWaifu
Yanderekouji x Ibuki Mioby nemo nemo6366
My first fic. This story is about Ayanokouji it was supposed to be the same like every other fic but the problem is that he can't control a certain emotion every time he...
When the Darkest Secrets are all White by bellcajoh
When the Darkest Secrets are all W...by bell.
Ayanokouji Kiyotaka is a Second Year Class D student currently attending the Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School. After surviving the recent Uninhabited I...
ANHS : Class S by OmerAhmar
ANHS : Class Sby Omer Ahmar
In this story, Kiyotaka along with seven other 4th generation survivors will attend ANHS. Their class will be seperated and they will be challenged against other classes...
The Unhinged Elite COTE X OC by Uyuytu
The Unhinged Elite COTE X OCby Uyuytu
I have always treated life as a game. As far back as I can remember, I was always competitive and always challenging myself, either academically, physically, or psycholo...
Classroom of the Elite: The Eroge by RainSennin
Classroom of the Elite: The Erogeby That Eroge Guy
When Ayanokouji Kiyotaka wished for something that can interest him in his new school, he never expected that it would be something like this. After waking up with some...
COTE: Villainkouji by Exotic_Animator
COTE: Villainkoujiby Exotic_Animator
What if Ayanokouji acted like a villain? He is an ice-cold devil blessed with the face of an angel and cursed with a past he can't escape. He is a charismatic charmer...
COTE What If: Ayanokouji Kiyone by RukkaRo
COTE What If: Ayanokouji Kiyoneby Luca Rossetti
How various scenes on the light novel and some original oneshots would be if Ayanokouji was female. English is not my first language, so i appreciate the feedback on the...
The Sweet Lies of an Angel by SoggyMaker
The Sweet Lies of an Angelby Soggy
What is evil? No, really. What is it? There are many horrific crimes one can describe as evil in this world. Many sins, crimes, and acts that'll break one's soul. Would...
Love born from hatred (Year 1) by Silverdragon05
Love born from hatred (Year 1)by Sliverdragon05
Koji x kushida but not the whole focus of the story, this story focuses on many aspects of cote that I wanted to happen and koji is also different in this story. This is...
Classroom Of The Elite : { Extroverted } by BackgroundCharactee
Classroom Of The Elite : { Extrove...by COTE Connoisseur
Ayanokoji Kiyotaka, the sole survivor of the demonic 4th generation and the Masterpiece of the White room, has passed his final examination. But, due to his lack of soc...
Secrets Unfolding by RiverAlpha
Secrets Unfoldingby RiverAlpha
"I will never go back to that place. Not while I can do something about it." Ayanokōji Kiyotaka has always been curious about people and the outside. So when h...
Theater Room : Classroom of The Elite Reaction by Seeanyui
Theater Room : Classroom of The El...by Seeennnn
A shocking and disconcerting event occurs which befell the students and the entire staff of Advanced Nurturing High School, after awakening from a stupor, the students a...
COTE: Chess by hazmy67
COTE: Chessby hazmy67
The chess mark has been around in society for more than a thousand years. Ayanokouji, who just entered society, isn't really used to this new system. (poor grammar warni...
Annoyingkoji!!  by Quin-X
Annoyingkoji!! by Quin-X
What If Ayanokoji becomes annoying? Find out on how Ayanokoji interacts to other students and how he made their lives upside down. (Ayanokoji x Kushida) ||Most impres...
Ayanokoji Supports Yuri! by Jonah1119
Ayanokoji Supports Yuri!by Jonah Ervin
Instead of making the girls fall for him, Ayanokoji will try to get them to fall for each other! His father gives him the mission of getting ten(10) yuri couples togethe...