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Watching her life by am_i_creative_enough
Watching her lifeby Anonymous16
What happens when some people from the Marauders generation and the Mikaelson family are kidnapped? What happens when they are forced to watch the life of the reincarnat...
Forever and Always by Felicia-04
Forever and Alwaysby Nerd
Alice is in her seventh year at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry after spend some of her summer stuck in 1977. She wants James to finally tell her what he neve...
cruel summer || š­š”šž š§šžš±š­ š šžš§  by scorpiustea
cruel summer || š­š”šž š§šžš±š­ š scorpiustea
"įµƒĖ”Ė” įµ—Ź°įµƒįµ— įµ‡Ė”įµ’įµ’įµˆĖ¢Ź°įµ‰įµˆ, į¶œŹ³ā±įµĖ¢įµ’āæ į¶œĖ”įµ’įµ›įµ‰Ź³ Ė¢Ź·įµ‰įµ‰įµ— įµˆŹ³įµ‰įµƒįµ Ź·įµƒĖ¢ įµ’įµ›įµ‰Ź³ įµŹø Ź°įµƒāæįµˆ Ź·įµƒĖ¢ įµ—Ź°įµ‰ įµ’āæįµ‰ Źøįµ’įµ˜ Ź³įµ‰įµƒį¶œŹ°įµ‰įµˆ į¶ įµ’Ź³ įµƒĖ”Ė” įµ—Ź°Ź³įµ’įµ˜įµŹ°įµ’įµ˜įµ— įµ—Ź°įµ‰ įµŹ³įµ‰įµƒįµ— Ź·įµƒŹ³ā€ž
masterpiece! ā†’ james potter by sun_jaro34
masterpiece! ā†’ james potterby morgan ā¦
he was a brightly colored paint. she was the perfect canvas. ...
REDAMANCY | J POTTER by cwrites05
REDAMANCY | J POTTERby justanonbinaryandalwayssadwri...
REDAMANCY {English} (n.) an act of loving the one who loves you; a love returned in full
Jily one shots  by jamespotterismybae
Jily one shots by jamespotterismybae
jily one shots Most of these one shots aren't mine. There might be one or two that are mine. I get the chapters from mostly FanFiction.Net, I give credits at the start...
Queen of Disaster | š‘…š‘’š‘šš‘¢š‘  šæš‘¢š‘š‘–š‘› by TinaX2
Queen of Disaster | š‘…š‘’š‘šš‘¢š‘  šæļæ½ Tina Edwards
Throughout her life, Diana Greengrass was raised to hate all Muggles and Muggleborns, fear half-breeds such as werewolves, believe that Divination was a useless class, a...
āˆš  | the marauders ties by lalahazelrie
āˆš | the marauders tiesby ā˜½
THE MARAUDERS TIES BOOK SERIES JAMES POTTER | REMUS LUPIN | SIRIUS BLACK FANFICTION āThanks for keeping your promises āž ā–ŖļøŽ Synopsis ā–ŖļøŽ Tabitha Longbottom is known as the...
The Summer of 1995 by am_i_creative_enough
The Summer of 1995by Anonymous16
After the events of fourth year,everything changed in the Potter twins' world...but how much could something change in one summer? A lot. That's the answer. "Everyo...
A Different Halloween [Editing] by idnthavurneekps
A Different Halloween [Editing]by .
How would things change if Lily had taken Harry for a health check up on the day of Halloween. If Harry made a new friend there by the name of Hermione Granger. How woul...
Reading Between The Lines ~ Remus Lupin by world_of_fandoms
Reading Between The Lines ~ world_of_fandoms
Despite her great skill in reading between the lines, Lena Pettigrew has always had trouble reading lines. Her dyslexia has always been something she's had compensate fo...
Deer Diary || Jily by DropTheBasil
Deer Diary || Jilyby DropTheBasil
Out of spite, Lily Evans creates a list of seven reasons why it's a bad idea that James be her boyfriend, but as each year passes, the list of reasons why she hates Jame...
The Rise And Fall Of The Stag And The Doe  by jamespotterismybae
The Rise And Fall Of The Stag jamespotterismybae
Moments. They make or break relationships. Lily didn't just happen to fall in love with James. It wasn't an accident, but a long drawn out process that grew out of the r...
[1] outlander | james potterāœ… by courtofalderaan06
[1] outlander | james potterāœ…by Joey
"He Loved Her, and She Loved Him." Highest Ranking: #1 in jamespotterlovestory [Inspired by STARZ OUTLANDER] {James Potter x OC} (COMPLETED)
{1} once upon a time | james potterāœ… by courtofalderaan06
{1} once upon a time | james Joey
"Sometimes We Need Fantasy To Survive The Reality." {Book One} 怊James Potter x OC怋 (Sirius Black x OC) (Lily Evans x OC) (Narcissa Black x OC) Will include sli...
I'm Dead by Always_bookworm_
I'm Deadby loser
A Harry Potter Fanfiction on the Next Generation! James Potter finds a special type of time-turner in his father's office and decides to use. He accidentally sent him an...
It Started With A Prank War {The Marauders} by iwlupin
It Started With A Prank War {The Ivy Potter
"You sure you're up for it Fall? You're new here, you don't know what you're up against." He said, his voice full of pride. "Well neither do you." I...
SIRENE BLACK āœ° MARAUDERS by hufflespuffed
SIRENE BLACK āœ° MARAUDERSby george lovebotšŸ§£
Sirene Black went through a lot of stuff during her glory days, thankfully though she always had her friends to rely on. [MARAUDERS FANFIC]
šˆš§š¬š­ššš š«ššš¦ || š”š© š§šžš±š­ š šžš§šžš«ššš­š¢šØš§ by hvnny_
šˆš§š¬š­ššš š«ššš¦ || š”š© š§šžš±ļæ½ šš‘ššŸšš—šš—šš¢_
š¬šØšœš¢ššš„ š¦šžšš¢šš ššš® 1/3 TW// mention of bulimia, anxiety, depression, sexual harassment, self-harm and suicide ā€¢ ā€¢ ā€¢ š€š„š„ š«š¢š š”š­š¬ š›šžš„šØš§š  š­šØ š‰š¤...
The Dursley {HP Next Generation} by Pen_of_Creativity
The Dursley {HP Next Generation}by Anonymous
Has it ever happened to you that you knew that you had it in you but you couldn't do it? You knew you belonged there but you feared the change that it brought? You knew...