Family Split by LightTraitor
Family Splitby Dark rejoices
WBWL -$-$-$- Harry Potter is the brother to the 'Boy-Who-Lived', Godric Sirius Potter. He also has a younger sister who's only younger by one month. Her name is Raynelle...
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Harry Potter's Durmstrang Aunt - Sequel to  James Potter's Durmstrang Twin by Greek_GeekGirl
Harry Potter's Durmstrang Aunt - S...by Greek_GeekGirl
Oswin Potter, the Girl who Survived. Or, as she is now called, Oswin Lupin. Yup, that's right. She married Remus Lupin, and stayed with him for many years. She was there...
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forbidden gate by fandominess
forbidden gateby story addicted
Just read it you saw the tags
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Potter's Sister (George Weasley) by EL_WEASLEY
Potter's Sister (George Weasley)by M. E. C.
Harry Potter has a sister. Ruby Potter has a crush. George Weasley has a twin. Fred Weasley is irritating. Ronald Weasley is bloody starving. And Her...
  • fred
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  • george
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reading of Jade Angel by fandominess
reading of Jade Angelby story addicted
this is the marauders reaction and giving comments on the other story I posted called Jade Angel you should read that first before you read this
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  • demons
  • chuck
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Harry Potter, Next Generation; Time Travel (COMPLETED) by IPanicAtTheRomance
Harry Potter, Next Generation; Tim...by antisocialalien
When James and Fred take the entire Weasly/Potter clan, along with Scorpius Malfoy and a Muggle back to the past, it's the adventure of a lifetime. CURRENTLY UNDER EDITI...
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  • nextgeneration
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Harry Potter Jokes by Aoife_May
Harry Potter Jokesby Aoife
Welcome welcome everyone to the Joke book. These Jokes are Harry Potter Jokes only. Trust me you haven't seen these ones before, I know everyone will probably say: oh ya...
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  • remuslupin
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MAGIC 。 DRACO MALFOY by artisticholland
harry potter's twin sister | ❛in which a Potter and a Malfoy fall in love.❜ ▹ [extended summary inside] harry potter universe. draco malfoy x oc. the golden era. © ar...
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WHY {Harry Potter Gif Series} by iiBELLONAii
WHY {Harry Potter Gif Series}by ᏁᎥᏦᏦᎥ
"You can call it Fire and ice But we work so well And we don't even know why." Harry Potter gif imagines.
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Marauders | Fancast | Face Claims by SiriuslyRegular
Marauders | Fancast | Face Claimsby Phoenix.T
Basically what the title says. Fancast only for the marauders era, works for face claims too. I will make some aesthetics only 'cause they're awesome and I'm obsessed w...
  • remuslupin
  • siriusblack
  • faceclaim
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Next Generation ❤️ by Confused_Hufflepuff
Next Generation ❤️by Your_Average_Nobody
This is a bunch of Drabbles from the next generation of Harry Potter. I have new characters, and not so new ones that belong to the Queen herself. Please, if you have so...
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  • weasleys
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black sheep | dahlia malfoy. by aboutdraco
black sheep | dahlia malfoy.by ana
¿Una Malfoy en Gryffindor? No hay mayor deshonra. Pequeña Dahlia, no has tenido una vida fácil, pero las cosas siempre pueden ir a mejor.
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  • voldemort
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Harry Potter: Preferences, Imagines, & One-Shots by spidermanbxtch
Harry Potter: Preferences, Imagine...by Kylne
««All characters\places in this fanfiction belong to JK Rowling! I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING EXCEPT THE PLOT OF THE ONE-SHOTS ETC!»» I think the title is pretty self-explanato...
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Wish Upon A Star || Harry Potter & Ginny Weasley || by Prabzhere
Wish Upon A Star || Harry Potter...by Prabhjot
Harry Potter: a young boy in the Potter family, that was forgotten; left in the shadow of his brother-- the boy who lived. The only person to know the truth: who the rea...
  • ginnyweasley
  • harrypotter
  • theboywholived
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Harry Potter Next Generation: Family Legacy by Brooke_Writer
Harry Potter Next Generation: Fami...by Brooke
Albus Potter, Hazel Malfoy, Scorpious Malfoy, and Rose Weasley are new first-years at Hogwarts, and the four of them only have one thing in common-- they're determined t...
  • scorpiousmalfoy
  • quidditch
  • slytherin
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The Survivor-Year 5-The Order by Creepygirl098t
The Survivor-Year 5-The Orderby Lucy Ann
Shade 4th year beginning start out bad as she attack by Dementors, and due to being underage (She thought after winning the Tournament she be legal age Witch since it wa...
  • pets
  • voldemort
  • wrongboywholived
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Harry Potters Twin sister (Fred Weasley Love story) by LalyBlack20
Harry Potters Twin sister (Fred We...by Laly
Harper Lily Potter is 16 and a mother from an abusive Foster father. She was kidnapped at the potters house when Voldemort was supposedly killed. Harper escapes the ratc...
  • weasleyfamily
  • harrypotter
  • familyweasleys
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The  Stag and the Deer: A collection of Jily one shots by Perfect-music008
The Stag and the Deer: A collecti...by Perfect-music008
James Potter and Lily Evans, father and mother to the famous Harry Potter. But their time was before Harry, when they themselves went to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft an...
  • sirius
  • hogwarts
  • lilyevans
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One and Only (Revised Version) (Hinny) {COMPLETE} ✅ by littlelemonn18
One and Only (Revised Version) (Hi...by Elizabeth✨
In a world full of magic, the only thing that fascinates me is Harry Potter. I was in my 5th year when I got pregnant. I didn't know until a week before my bi...
  • love
  • hermione
  • potters
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The stolen Cullen by shadowray17
The stolen Cullenby shadowray17
Nathanial Brandon Cullen Potter. The son to Bella and Edward Cullen and the youngest twin to Rennesme Cullen. One night when the Cullen's went hunting and Bella and Edwa...
  • hogwarts
  • cullen
  • twilight
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