The First Page of Our Story  by HeroesInTheirOwnWay
The First Page of Our Story by HeroesInTheirOwnWay
A fling. One night stand. Lapse in judgment. Mistake. Bound to happen. A drunken night. Love struck man, love struck women. Fate. True love. Meant to be. A trigger. Flam...
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Skyler Jackson:  The Destroyer of Worlds (PJO/HOO and AOS crossover) by TheBlackBasilisk
Skyler Jackson: The Destroyer TheBlackBasilisk
Perseus Jackson was the guy everyone believed to be the Savior of Olympus. There is one thing they don't know, and that was his gender. He is not a boy or a man or a mal...
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Book I - The Destroyer's Empire: The Destroyers of Worlds by TheBlackBasilisk
Book I - The Destroyer's Empire: TheBlackBasilisk
Skye was persuaded by a strange man, after Bobbi Morse and her team tried to capture and inprison Skye . That man was Percy Jackson, the son of Poseidon. They disappeare...
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PEACH PIT   【☆】    meet my ocs by falconisms
PEACH PIT 【☆】 meet my ocsby ▼△▼ ( LEXIE. ) ▼△▼
❛ lift back and see the darkness hid. ❜ OR in which you learn all about my original characters! MEET MY OC'S copyright © falconisms
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Quake (A Daisy Johnson fanfiction) by _Marvel_Lover
Quake (A Daisy Johnson fanfiction)by Marvel Lover
Takes place around the 6 months later time of the Season 3 finale. Daisy is on the run and doesn't want to go back to S.H.I.E.L.D because it reminds her of Lincoln and W...
  • lincolncampbell
  • bobbimorse
  • alphonsomackenzie
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starlight ☽ aos by graysonkitan
starlight ☽ aosby bobbi. | slow updates
❝It takes the moon to light us up at night and it takes a single star to help it shine as bright.❞ Luna Ara Mills, moved by the defense of the greater good, volunteered...
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Agent's of S.H.I.E.L.D. ONE SHOTS by Guppy_66
Agent's of S.H.I.E.L.D. ONE SHOTSby Guppy_66
These are just gonna be a bunch of one shots from the actual show has well as some I will make up.
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July 10, 2017: Portland, Oregon by averagemarvelfangirl
July 10, 2017: Portland, Oregonby Marvel Fangirl
Story with my OC Sasha Imelda Olly. Takes place in season 4 episode 13. I don't own the other characters, besides Sasha. Alternate storyline where Lincoln survives, hun...
  • yoyorodriguez
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  • melindamay
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The MARVELous Games (Vol. 1) by missysana
The MARVELous Games (Vol. 1)by winterfrostwidow
The Marvel Program assembles unique fighting teams from different departments to compete against each other through the dangerous games of the program that require more...
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Like An Earthquake ➳ AOS Oneshots by alisharpi
Like An Earthquake ➳ AOS Oneshotsby alice
Agents Of Shield Oneshots ➳ Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters unless those I have made myself with the rest belonging to Marvel. The plots and storylines ha...
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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Open Forum by jemmasimmons4
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Open Forumby Fitzsimmons Trash
This is a place for all AOS fan girls and fan boys to rant, suggest theories, discuss plot points, or have ship wars and anything else. I'll be posting when I feel like...
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Agents of shield imagines by chels_shield_lover
Agents of shield imaginesby chel the undercover shield ag...
hey I don't see these on here a lot so I thought I would do some so enjoy :) . . Also if you want to request then feel free and I will do it for you. Chelsea xo
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Secret Sisters | aos + daisy johnson by Lucyboo101
Secret Sisters | aos + daisy BRoast
a collaboration with @sabrina_jauregui Daisy Johnson has been through a rough life. From being put into foster home and foster home from her childhood, never knowing any...
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naive |steve rogers| by jeansgrey
naive |steve rogers|by valerie
Steve Rogers saflığı severdi. Hayatında eksik olan yegane şeydi saflık. İstese de elde edemeyeceği bir şeydi bu onun için. Dünya böylesine kirliyken nasıl saf olunabilir...
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  • buckybarnes
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Agents Of Shield Imagines by EIllusions
Agents Of Shield Imaginesby EIllusions
Decided to write my first thing ever on watt-pad so I decided to start off with a Shield Imagines which I don't see often.
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Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D : One-shot collection by inhumandaisyjohnson
Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D : One-shot inhumandaisyjohnson
Agents of shield one-shots of different characters/couples/seasons of AOS. Please request one-shot ideas that you want me to write
  • mackelena
  • fitzsimmons
  • marvel
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Agents of SHIELD One Shots by AlainaKay6
Agents of SHIELD One Shotsby Alaina
A little collection of one shots and random pieces based around the team and others. Will eventually include Staticquake, Fitzsimmons, Huntingbird, Philinda, Skimmons/Bi...
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Life On The Farm by kamalaforpresident
Life On The Farmby kamalaforpresident
Stories about the life of Team Cap (minus Bucky) after Civil War where they are all hiding out on Clint's farm house. 1- The School Run- When Laura is sick, it is up to...
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Aloha by JaycenMackenzie
Alohaby Jaycen
That one time Clint got stuck in a freezer wearing nothing but swim shorts.
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Captive  by HeroesInTheirOwnWay
Captive by HeroesInTheirOwnWay
Captive noun 1. a prisoner 2. a person who is enslaved - they are held captive by their own fears adjective 3.made or held prisoner, especially i...
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