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The Wastelands (Part II of the Runner Series) by so1tgoes
The Wastelands (Part II of the Run...by Katie Baker
Part 2 of The Runner series. ================================== The Runner's Rebellion was only the beginning. Tensions run high as the City struggles to repair itself a...
The Rain (Part III of the Runner Series) by so1tgoes
The Rain (Part III of the Runner S...by Katie Baker
The conclusion of The Runner series. ================================== Half a year has passed since the fall of Babel. In that time, tales of the Runner have drifted fr...
The DollHouse by ellyjette
The DollHouseby Ellen
I want to be more than what they say I am. "We were told that in the early days of implementing the Motherhood project there were protests. ... but when I look at m...
Greater Britannia by Jojo_Vesper
Greater Britanniaby Jojo Owen
The election that will shape the nation for years to come has ended, with a new Prime minister being trusted to lead the nation into a brighter future, only one problem:...
And They Danced by GarethN
And They Dancedby GarethN
As the first plague of modern times devastates the world, sparing nobody over the age of sixteen, the members of a youth morris dancing side are forced to take responsib...
Liberation (Remnants of Men) by achilles22
Liberation (Remnants of Men)by Ugo-Peter
When seventeen year-old Runner was sentenced to death for stealing a loaf of bread in MegaCity One, his dreams were literally at an end. But then he opts to sign up for...
Rats: Shai's Story by masonfitzzy
Rats: Shai's Storyby Mason FitzGibbon
After a Virus wipes out 98% of the population, the world falls to mass hysteria. Walls are built around major cities, and only the wealthy are allowed in. This results i...
Beyond the Walls by Unoriginally_Red
Beyond the Wallsby Emma Jackson
[Book 2 of the Within the Walls Trilogy.] Secrets and lies do not die with the tyrant. With him gone, and the city ripped open, Elle is forced to venture outside. What'...
The Wilds (Part IV of the Runner Series) by DanielEvans01
The Wilds (Part IV of the Runner S...by Daniel Evans
Part 4 of The Runner Series. ================================== Peace was so close and yet, so far. She destroyed the Madam, blew Babel within an inch of its life, and h...
Line of the Edge  by Eva-Milem
Line of the Edge by Eva 〽
[Editor's Pick - 2021] In a false utopia, the Earth's population is divided into five Units after a disturbing decimation forced the human race to be on the verge of ext...
The Lads: An Incredibox Story by Yoshikage62
The Lads: An Incredibox Storyby Yoshikage62
Set in a Dystopian future, The Lads is a stylized retelling of the lore inside of popular game, Incredibox, created by French development team So Far So Good. Join the m...
Cold Solar by AnthonyRobinson468
Cold Solarby Anthony Robinson
In the near future, the dominant corporation that essentially rules Earth flies into a conflict with their oppressed colonies on Mars. Bowen, a skilled fighter with a tw...
The Survivors (The Survivors, #1) [SAMPLE] by DanielEvans01
The Survivors (The Survivors, #1)...by Daniel Evans
AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE! Links are in the story and my profile! [SAMPLE - FIRST 3 CHAPTERS!] Xander is sixteen. He lives in a crumbling building in the Estate with a smal...
The Aventine Chronicles : War Island by 13Smitheryns
The Aventine Chronicles : War Isla...by Thirteen Smithereens
There exists a universal law; The Choice. A boy tries to play its unfortunate game; to Survive. And longs for a love he had never known; the Prize. In the midst of an ev...
CHILD 12070 by SierraOesterling
CHILD 12070by Natalia Snow
12070. The number whispered in my mind. Menacing, dooming, yet soothing, like the hug of a python before it chokes. I knew what it was. It was my name - but it wasn't. C...
Awakened (Many Lives Book 1) by LaxmiHariharan
Awakened (Many Lives Book 1)by Laxmi
The complete book is now available on Amazon. The MANY LIVES series Origins Awakened Chosen Claimed To become herself Ruby Iyer must turn her back on everything she eve...
Olive Juice by Rose_Ink
Olive Juiceby + tori oli +
η. olive juice [ol-iv-joos] a term commonly mistaken for the words "i love you" when silently mouthed to another * * * Four people. Two boys. Two Girls. One y...
The Remains by mirimiri126
The Remainsby Emi Clarkson
Two eons later after the Great War, the world has fallen. Raea is a curious girl who wants to see the outside world... too curious. When she rebels against the Messenger...
𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐖𝐞𝐚𝐩𝐨𝐧 by future_worlds
𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐖𝐞𝐚𝐩𝐨𝐧by 𝐮𝐫 𝐬𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫
The year is 2136 and the world's scientists have accomplished yet another feat: an engineered virus that can take down enemies in war faster than anything else. The Viru...
Queendom by c0deinebaby
Queendomby Kendra
During a troubled walk through the park, Thomas comes across a peculiar white-haired woman with strikingly blue eyes. Attracted to her odd appearance, Thomas follows her...