Too Many Memories

Too Many Memories

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Tara By music_and_literature Completed

Annabeth mourns the death of Thalia, only to become enraged when she finally finds out she is alive with Percy's team. The guilt only piles on when another close death occurs.

Unable to handle all of the memories at Camp, Annabeth leaves to join the Amazons. She settles there, as happy as she can be without her Seaweed Brain, until Chiron sends her an Iris-message.

Camp is in trouble once again. This time, after defeating Kronos and Tartarus, they're up against Gaea.

With the help of the Amazon's, Percy and his team, Camp Half-Blood faces their biggest threat yet. Will they succeed? Will Gaea return to her slumber and leave the gods' power unchallenged? Or will Mother Earth prevail, and end all life as the demigods' know it?

~Sequel to Erased Memories~

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