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Warhammer Effect by Shadow_trooper
Warhammer Effectby Shadow_trooper
Mass effect crossover with Warhammer (shortly before Mass effect 1 starts)
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A Different Kind of Heaven by Silmarilz1701
A Different Kind of Heavenby Silz
#1 in Silmarillion May 23-24, October 27-November 9, November 27-December 13, 2018, June 10+, 2019 There are a MILLION Girl-Falls-Into-Middle-Earth stories out there. Al...
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Return of the Eldar by Ranelwen
Return of the Eldarby Ránëlwen
{Present Day} Heartache follows Estela like a shadow. When an uncanny accident enables her to see into an invisible realm of warfare, she learns a mysterious secret abou...
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The Perils of Dimension Hopping | A Naruto/LOTR Crossover by thatdamnuchiha
The Perils of Dimension Hopping |...by thatdamnuchiha
Being dragged into a different dimension while in the middle of a war isn't the thing Sakura had in mind - so obviously she grabbed onto something to try and stop hersel...
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Prescient by thatdamnuchiha
Prescientby thatdamnuchiha
When dreams stop being dreams, things get confusing. Anna is back - back in a place she once thought was just a product of her imagination. The silvery locks, bluish-gre...
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Rogue trader by Shadow_trooper
Rogue traderby Shadow_trooper
The story of a rogue trader and his party, on the hunt for ancient technology. From pleasure worlds to war worlds, The Hunt leads them to all edges of the galaxy.
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Warhammer 40K Dawn of War The worlds in war by TK-800
Warhammer 40K Dawn of War The worl...by Roger
Somewhere in outer space far away. There where a army of space Marines, orks, and eldar. Kyle the force commander was here to collect the relic. Elenwe the Eldar Fraseer...
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Empress of the Space Marines ( Fire Emblem X Warhammer40k X Ultimatecrossover)  by TK-800
Empress of the Space Marines ( Fir...by Roger
Yup I'm the mad man and I created fire emblem and warhammer 40k. Here's the story and takes place in the church story. Edelgard the Empress of the Adrestian empire has b...
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Broken Crown by techpriest_auxillia
Broken Crownby techpriest_auxillia
Spire attacked. Slaughter imminent. Preparation advised. Commoragh has no place for the weak.
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There is only War (male reader X MHA) by HerrMajor
There is only War (male reader X M...by HerrMajor
i really like the warhammer series and thought it would be fun to try it out in my hero. any criticism is appreciated.
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The Raid on Septus Minor (On Hiatus) by DocWinters
The Raid on Septus Minor (On Hiatu...by Ross Manuel
The Everseeing Eye: the elite Kabalite Slaving squad of the Kabal of Perpetual Darkness; has been tasked with scouting a previously unvisited Imperial Hive World when it...
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Warhammer 40,000 - The Last Crusade by Interloper
Warhammer 40,000 - The Last Crusadeby Interloper
For ten millennia, the Ebon Purgators chapter has marched across the galaxy on its eternal, penitent crusade to redeem themselves for crimes not even they can remember. ...
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Secret War: Upon Blood Sands by BenAgar
Secret War: Upon Blood Sandsby Ben Agar
Three years after Secret War. Attelus and the other survivors are sent to investigate the war torn world of Sarkeath. With Attelus' hallowed heroes, the men of the Velro...
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In Middle Earth by kensy_lane
In Middle Earthby Kensy
It's a perfectly normal day until all of a sudden Dane gets dropped on his ass in one of his favorite books. While Middle Earth is enchanting and magical, it's also dead...
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Ghost by Goreus
Ghostby B.A.Davies
A drug-addicted charismatic inquisitor named Lomax and his retinue have been chasing the 'Ghost' for many years. A creature that can change appearances and wield incredi...
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To Follow the Stars by ElizaMayTyto
To Follow the Starsby Eliza May Tyto
"Mana sa ve ana hilya i elena?" He asked. What is it like to follow the stars? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Born on the shores of Cuiviénen, C...
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As Kings by MuileTheBard
As Kingsby Koray Yılmaz
As an image we pass by, only our sons remain in the last, everything seems like an illusion but this helmet, this sword, shield, armour... This soul, this is... Spirit s...
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A Mercenary's Revenge by dinohuntsmen55
A Mercenary's Revengeby CJ Burton
When his kindred his warsphere gone in the blink of en eye. Now find the ones who did this en take his revenge.
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Airi Oronti by Ghevurah
Airi Orontiby Ghevurah
La Nirnaeth Arnoediad non è stata ancora battezzata così, quando Maedhros è costretto a confrontarsi con la morte di Fingon. "Si vede scostare la stoffa lentamente...
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