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Izuku's New Life by YSingc
Izuku's New Lifeby Cing
Not much to say but just read
The time is 1920's also known as The Jazz Age or as some might say The Roaring Twenties. But for one man it was his golden ages, Y/N L/N went by many names and but the o...
Partners In Time [Hololive x Male OC] by TrueRisingFTW
Partners In Time [Hololive x Male...by TrueRising
When both the grandchildren of John Watson and Sherlock Holmes attempt to travel to the future, the grandson of Holmes finds himself spiralling off course and ending up...
The Introvert  by Zeonschilling
The Introvert by Zeon [Hiatus]
In a world where fantasy and reality combined into one people would imagine it's a better world. That is not the case for Y/n who is a massive introvert and only interac...
The Villain Of Your Story...[Vtubers x Male Technoblade reader fanfic] by Pig-Guy
The Villain Of Your Story...[Vtube...by Blammedwafflemaker
Y/n L/n (or Alexander Technoblade) is A YouTuber/Streamer That goes by the name "Technoblade" and goes on an adventure with funky anime waifus and husbandos wh...
The multi-purpose personnel of the Company (OC x Hololive) by TheVoiceBehindAll
The multi-purpose personnel of the...by The Voice Behind All
Meet Duc TheEntity. The multi-purpose personnel of Cover. He has been in the company the longest. But only Yagoo knew he. What will happen to him when others know th...
my hero academia: electric villainy by normal_writer1812
my hero academia: electric villainyby normal_writer1812
in a world where 80 percent of the world's people have powers called quirk but sadly 20 percent human doesn't. there were bound to be problems. lucky for most of the wo...
One with the Force (Holocouncil x Male Force Sensitive Reader) by random_idiot223
One with the Force (Holocouncil x...by Random_idiot
(Y/n) is a force sensitive individual, he doesn't consider himself Sith nor Jedi, at most a Grey-Jedi. In his past his town was attacked by a group of raiders for any go...
Petals to an Emerald by YSingc
Petals to an Emeraldby Cing
Izuku Midoriya ever since birth has always dreamed of being a hero. Of course it was no easy challenge for him but can he really do it? Well thats not all as even if the...
(VOL1) How did I end up in this situation!? (Youtuber male reader x Hololive) by KorWhoWrites
(VOL1) How did I end up in this si...by [⧰] KOR
⚠️ [!!... STILL UNDERGOING (HILARIOUSLY SLOW) EDITING!!] ⚠️ Y/n L/n, a caring, popular, professional gamer, and a YouTuber, is streaming with 2k Viewers on the game call...
What Is My Life For? (Hololive Fanfic) by aguynamedghost
What Is My Life For? (Hololive Fan...by ghost
A story about Tatsuya,a loner Mercenaries who looking for the purpose of life. He met with people,but they always ended up gone. Some death,some just leave him. After th...
A Mistake was Made by Seuloltte
A Mistake was Madeby Seulbi
[ Hololive Harem x Male Reader ] "Huh? Vtubing?" His friend gave him a different option than he should had picked. After being enticed with the perks of such a...
The Council's Dilemma (HoloCouncil x Male Reader.) by PengOwl
The Council's Dilemma (HoloCouncil...by PengOwl
The Council needs to decide something or someone's fate yet again. And this time, they either have to remove someone entirely from existence and save the world from coll...
Apprentice Of Death.  by BlackHeart987
Apprentice Of Death. by Black Heart
Lucas Robinson was a ordinary guy living around the world till one day tragedy happened. He got killed by a bus(Bus-kun) and a truck (truck-kun) who both simultaneously...
The Arc of the Holostars by EienNoSetsuna
The Arc of the Holostarsby Skyfall
Jaune Arc. The leader of Team JNPR, the weakest student of Beacon Academy and the school's punching bag. A boy who cheated into the Academy to be a hero like his ancesto...
The Red Halo: Outset by normal_writer1812
The Red Halo: Outsetby normal_writer1812
(Remake of "the red halo") have you ever been so desperate for power that you didn't care where it came from, well (y/n) did. you see, (y/n) lives in the worl...
Corrupted Civilization by ARandomNon-B
Corrupted Civilizationby ARandomNon-B
What would happen if Mumei got abandoned from the Council and reached to the point where she could just die ? WARNING: Major character deaths; violence
Help me....Please! (Male Reader x HOLOLIVE) by AHornyPsycho
Help me....Please! (Male Reader x...by Crazy Psycho
Y/n L/n, a popular Youtuber, a Streamer and a former eSports player decided to play Apex Legends. And well.... let's say he should've played something else. (All picture...
HoloDrops 2: Advent Days (HoloEN Gen3) by Eroge-Chan
HoloDrops 2: Advent Days (HoloEN G...by Eroge-Chan
Amagi Karia a boy who has lost everything he cared for, wants to become the Manager for the third generation of HoloLive EN idols. Thinking it was a good escape and dist...
"Love" Not Found (Hololive) by HirokuEmiyo
"Love" Not Found (Hololive)by HirokuEmiyo
Fuyuki Hirawa, A Graduated honour student. He had mastered I.T and Computer science, He also likes to build and Fix High-Tech stuffs He got an Invitation to join a compa...