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(Age 24,  The Capitol)

I swallowed down the bile as soon as I stared climbing down into the sewer. Well, I did gag for a while before I got used to it. Who knew there was actually a place in the Capitol that stank!?!

We were all huddled behind Castor and Pollux, more so because they'd now become our leaders. After all, it's their idea and Pollux knows the way.

Castor looked at us briefly over his shoulder. "My brother knows these tunnels really well. He worked sanitation down here, right after they made him an Avox."

I watched on as Pollux shook in slight fear before being coached on by Castor. The sibling pair took up all of my attention. So much so, that I hadn't even realised Finnick had started dragging me along with the rest of the group. I tipped my head up at him and his face broke out into a smirk at dragging me out of la la land. I sighed, I know he means well but sometimes he makes me feel as mad as Peeta.

Speaking of Peeta, he was flanking Finnick's other side. His eyes void of emotion and they seemed to trail after Katniss' every move. I swallowed, how comforting for her.

We'd been walking for about an hour now and so far, no pods. The constant beep of the holo was almost comforting. An indication of false security that I know I shouldn't be holding on to. 

A faint whisp had us all on high alert, I listened intently to it until I came to the realisation that it's more of a whoosh. Meaning it's a train...


 I ran, Finnick wasting no time in joining me. I crouched down beside Katniss and Gale, Finnick and Peeta in front of myself. We all stilled and watched the train pass by our wall, our breaths the only indication we were ever here.

Katniss sighed above me, her eyes on Pollux. "We're too exposed here".

Pollux bit his lip and signed to go left. We all ran after him in a squad like formation, Finnick's hand latched onto mine. I squeezed it tighter and instantly felt him squeeze back. I nodded to myself. He's safe, I'm safe, we're safe!.

Pollux led us to a door, and surprise, surprise the tunnels go deeper. Okay, so apparently there's another sewer underneath the train tunnels and below the sewer before that!?! God, this place is such a mind fuck.

I felt myself cringe with every squelch sound that my feet made. I huffed and bumped Finnick's shoulder. "Is this what beaches are like in four? If so, I definitely think we're better off in ten".

I indicated to the sewage water we're all tracking through in disgust. Finnick's face turned to a look of the upmost offence. "Sewage is nothing like the sea.".

I rolled my eyes in amusement, he sounded so hurt that it's almost comical.

"Looks clear". I turned to Katniss who was holding the holo at an odd angle. I smirked, she clearly knows what's she's doing.

Just as she said that a pipe above us exploded, white fog ceasing us all. I felt Fin pull me down, I held in a gag at being shoulder deep in sewage. 

"Everybody okay?". Jackson had yelled from the end of our group. I mean, a total give away but you do you.

We all murmured variations of yes, the group instinctively following after Katniss despite knowing she can't lead for shit.

It seemed to go on for hours. A constant beep, high levels and low levels of sewage, narrow and wide tunnels. Just forever wondering underneath the Capitol with the goal of getting to Snow's mansion undetected.

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