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(Age 24, District 13 and the Capitol)

As I laid there in Finnick's arms, I could feel his lips against my temple and I knew this is what happiness feels like. Safety and love. Just him and I, in our own quarters and in pure bliss. But something was weighing on me, I bit my lip and turned my face to stare up at those sea green eyes.

I sighed. "When were you going to tell me Fin?"

His eyebrows creased in confusion. "Tell you what?"

Really?. I blew out a breath of annoyance. "About the star squad, we're leaving in the morning. You didn't think I had a right to know?!?"

 He sighed. "I didn't want to ruin today, or tonight for that matter".

I rested my head back on his chest as he subconsciously grabbed my hand in his. "If this is going to work between us then you have to promise me, no more secrets".

It was silent, I hated silence. "Finnick? Promise me, no more secrets".

I felt him kiss temple again. "No more secrets".

At the crack of dawn Finnick woke me up. Together we got ready, armor and guns at the ready. Well I had had a gun, Fin had a trident that made made me nearly scream at the sight of. Only becuase it was in his arms, on the table it looked fine but in his hands...I saw that fourteen year old boy. I didn't scream though because I know he loves me and won't stab me with it. Finnick loves me! Say it and believe it, that's what John tells me to do. Ask a question, have someone confirm it then I say it and then I'll believe it. It's a new technique.

With a smirk Finnick seductivly attached my belt causing me to giggle. He rested his forehead on mine and sighed. "You'll stay close to me, yeah?"

I smiled and nodded. "Don't let go". 

Finnick's hand tightented in my grip. "Never again, I promise".

We walked out of our compartment together and towards the drop off. A huge hovercraft before us. I wasn't excited like Finnick. I was never a fighter, don't really know how I've gotten this far with no skills. But I can blow shit up and apparently that counts for something. 

Johanna stood glumly near the hovercraft. She stood a little straighter when she saw us though. As soon as we were in front of her she had her arms around me. I could feel tears on my shoulder. I bit my lip, she never cries. 

I pulled back and held her shoulders softly. "Hey, It's okay. We'll be okay."

She nodded. "I'd feel better if I was there to protect you. I can't help anyone here!".

Finnick hadn't said anything and I didn't know what to say. I sighed. "You're strong, You can keep moral up".

She scoffed. "Moral. I want to kill him and fight. It's not the same!".

She sighed in defeat before looking up at Finnick. "You protect her for me. Both of you idiots do anything stupid and I'll kill you myself".

She then hugged Finnick and myself a final time before walking away. I bit my lip as I watched her go and I felt Finnick lean into my ear. "She'll be fine. We'll be a week tops".

I nodded. "Yeah, yeah you're right let's go".

It took a day in the hovercraft and we'd made it to the base in the moring. It's situated just outside the Capitol, we'd also learned that Katniss had already made her own way here. That'd caused Finnick to chuckle and I'd rolled my eyes. It was so typical Katniss.

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