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(Age 16, 67th Annual Hunger Games- The Victory Tour) 

The ride to District Twelve was shoter than I expected. We'd just arrived within four hours and I'm already nervous.

We're currently in the car that's taking us to District Twelve's justice building. We'd been riding in silence. Blu was checking her makeup and Slendor kept staring distantly at the dirt covered streets of District Twelve. It was so different from Ten. I missed the open paddacks and the smell of farm life. Here, the streets were lined in black and it had a distant smell of smoke in the air. It reminded me slightly of the burning school from my nightmares...

Blu started digging in her purse and handed me some cards. "Now, that's you're speech and remember to smile."

I rose my eyebrows at her. "You want me to smile at Duke's family?"

Slendor cleared his throat and gave me a nod of encouragment. "It's expected, Kiddo". 

I huffed in annoyance but bit my tongue. No point arguing when it's two against one. I also knew deep down they had my best intrests at heart, well at least Slendor does.

As soon as the car stopped I took a deep breath to prepare myself. Blu and Slendor were already standing by the car waiting for me. As soon as I got out, we all nodded at eachother. This is it, the first of many.

Blu's nose wrinkled a little in disgust before she started clomping her way up to the sage. Slendor winked at me, grabbed a pair sunglasses out of nowhere and started strutting up towards the stage. I will admit for someone close to forty, Slendor had swag. 

I had to run a little to catch up to them. I was ringing my wrists anxiously while waiting for the Mayor of twelve to introduce me. What if they started yelling at me or booed me off the satge? it's a real possibility.

"...Present  from District Ten, Lyra Powell. This years Victor of the 67th anual Hunger Games."

I walked on stage with a smile on my face because Blu had just given me another speech on manners. If I just remember to keep smiling then I can get through this. The crowd of District Twelve were unenthusiastic when I looked out at all of them. Most of them had sunken faces and I wondered when was the last time they had a decent meal. Probably never like back home.

On two elevated platforms were the families of the fallen tributes. Duke's face was projected on a screen behind one platform and the girl tribute from twelve whose score was a four was on the other side of the crowd. Their respective families were huddled underneath their portraits, It pained my to see a younger version of Duke staring up at me with tear shed eyes. 

I quickly regained composure and smiled again. I started reading the speech that Blu had wrote. Yeah, it was superficial but at least it was worded good. If I didn't have those cards in my hands I would've said something I'd regret. I was never good with words.

Nearly there. "...Panem today, Panem tommorw and Panem forever."

I was then handed a bouque of flowers from a small little girl who looked far too skinny for her age. The Mayor then came back on the satge and we shook hands for the cameras. That was it. Not bad but not great. I just had to do it eleven more times. 

When I finally got off the stage Blu engulfed me in a hug. "Just wonderful. Couldn't have done it better myself. Now off to the train lovelies spit spot. District Eleven awaits!"

I looked around us and noticed a certain someone was missing. "Where's Slendor?"

Blu rolled her eyes in annoyance and started walking to the car. "I told him no detours! We have a strict schedule and what does he do?". She huffed and I was still looking at her expectedly. She sighed in almost defeat. "He's gone to visit Haymitch Abernathy. Which is putting my entire plan off course". She huffed again and opened the car door wide open in what I'd guess rage.

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