Hunger Games Imagines and Preferences by kaleywisner
Hunger Games Imagines and Preferen...by kaley
#14 in Hunger Games. Just a collection of Hunger Games Series Imagines They include -Peeta -Finnick -Gale -Cato -Katniss I take requests, message me Btw the chapters...
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A Thousand Lifetimes by waitwhatsasociallife
A Thousand Lifetimesby waitwhatsasociallife
COMPLETED Katniss has returned to district 12, but without anyone but Haymitch and Sae she is struggling, she needs Peeta. When Peeta returns they grow back together. Wi...
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In The Blowing Ashes by 17wardm
In The Blowing Ashesby Kayla Ward
When our eyes met, the memories all came rushing back. From throwing her the bread to saying goodbye at the Lightening Tree to the red plaid dress on the first day of Ki...
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Eternal Love (Katniss and Peeta) by _Johanna_Mason_
Eternal Love (Katniss and Peeta)by _Johanna_Mason_
Katniss and Peeta have been through a lot. Some of it together and some of it on their own. Katniss and Peeta now know that they are better as a whole. That they are two...
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Katniss's Secret by sayweshallfly
Katniss's Secretby Destiny
Katniss Everdeen is a Victoria's Secret model. Her journey to become a model all started when she auditioned to be a competitor in America's Next Top Model. When she won...
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Hunger Games MCD Version AaronxReader It All Started With The Pin by Rachel_Blakcthorn
Hunger Games MCD Version AaronxRea...by RRB
Your sister has just gotten chosen as tribute along with a mysterious boy that you've only seen around. He was known for picking fights and winning them. I didn't know h...
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In Another's Eyes by 17wardm
In Another's Eyesby Kayla Ward
Their eyes met from across the room. Him, a successful baker with a hard life at home. Her, a music teacher who sang on the weekends. Both had just turned 25. They both...
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97 Głodowe Igrzyska by Black_Now_Love
97 Głodowe Igrzyskaby Dulce Chica
W czasie corocznych Głodowych Igrzysk ginie dwójka nastolatków z Dwunastego Dystryktu, Katniss Everdeen i Peeta Mellark. Ich rodziny i przyjaciele muszą się pozbierać i...
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Sea Of Secrets [1] by welcometoadarkheart
Sea Of Secrets [1]by welcometoadarkheart
When Coral Adays is reaped for the 74th annual Hunger Games, she is mortified. She leaves behind her hope, her dreams, her future. She also has to leave behind her seven...
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Mockingjay: Peeta's POV by 123Haha321
Mockingjay: Peeta's POVby Alexis
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Remade (After Mockingjay Story) by lebookqueen
Remade (After Mockingjay Story)by Jessica
After the war, Peeta Mellark is left scarred, hijacked, and broken. After many weeks of rehabilitation, he is finally allowed to return home to District 12. But there is...
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Healing After The Mockingjay: A Katniss and Peeta Fan Fiction by HollyMPEETASPEARL
Healing After The Mockingjay: A Ka...by Holly
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sparks | everlark by lucayascoconuts
sparks | everlarkby c o c o .
Life can be so simple, or it can be so complicated. Katniss made her's the second. It took her a whole year to figure out that she loved Peeta, and when she finally told...
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The Day-To-Day Cat Lady by Hannah_29books
The Day-To-Day Cat Ladyby Crazy Cat Lady
A Daily Update On The Boring Life Of A Crazy Cat Lady.
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Opposites Attract (Prim/Cato) *On Hold* by FlxTheFairy
Opposites Attract (Prim/Cato) *On...by FlxTheFairy
What would have happened if Katniss didn't volunteer? What will happen when sweet, cute and innocent 15 year old Primrose Everdeen from District 12 meets vicious, arroga...
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[SEQUEL] Our Perfect Mistake [EVERLARK] by peetasgames
[SEQUEL] Our Perfect Mistake [EVER...by —daisy🕊
SEQUEL TO LOST IN YOUR EYES! After becoming pregnant, Katniss Everdeen must make her way through her pregnancy months whilst avoiding other problems that haunt her: all...
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The Hunger Games: The Pawns by Banax2
The Hunger Games: The Pawnsby Nate Ingracia
I do not own the rights to the Hunger Games. I am writing this solely for fun. That being said, it does not tie in with the main story at all short for a few cameos. It...
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I am Katniss, Daughter of Apollo (Percy Jackson Fanfic/Hunger Games Fanfic) by allispn
I am Katniss, Daughter of Apollo (...by Alli
Ever wondered what it would be like if Katniss was a demigod? In this book, she meets all your favorite Percy Jackson and the Olympians characters! Enjoy! ------ P.S...
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Katniss and Peeta: Love is Real by HottieWithABoddy
Katniss and Peeta: Love is Realby HottieWithABoddy
What if while on the victory tour, Katniss realizes how she really feels about Peeta all while dealing with trying to please President Snow? Will those feelings blossom...
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Hunger Games: Rue's POV by hungergamesloverspov
Hunger Games: Rue's POVby Ashley + Maria
rue1 ro͞o/Submit verb 1. bitterly regret (something one has done or allowed to happen). "Katniss will rue the day she allowed her ally to die." synonyms: regre...
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