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Dear Katniss, Peeta and Haymitch,

Is it just me or do the days seem faster now?. Already Mags is turning six, a painful reminder of how long its been since the war in which we all lost so much.  I guess the days are faster because I'm the happiest I can ever remember being in my life.  A life I owe mainly to the three of you, without which real positive change surely never would've happened. A world in which the family I hold so dearly is safe from reapings and slavery that would've eventually drove us all to insanity.  

To say that Finnick and I have adjusted peacefully would be a lie. But life is forever without its challenges. Holding eachother close always seems to help. However, secrets of our past haven't always remained a secret, despite Finnick and I trying our hardest. Cries throughout the night are a regular occurrence in our house and I know that we've woken up our children with our many screams most nights. But I wouldn't change it for the world and neither would Finnick. So, in reply to your previous letter, it doesn't ever end but it can get better.

I feel better when I see my children, Mags, Slendor and John while they laugh and chase eachother on the sand. It gets better when Finnick holds me. It gets better when we vist my father in District Ten . It gets better when Johanna finally leaves her wallowing, sees Gale and comes to visit. But I'm thankful, thankful I can spend the remainder of my days with the people I love in a world I can now deem safe. 

We owe it not only to the many victors before us but also to ourselves to not live in the past but to stay in the present. Despite how cliche that may sound, I believe its the only way to not give in and to remain sane. Family is and will always be the most precious thing in this life. And I can confidently say that the three of you and your children are apart of ours. 

With all my love,



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