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(Age 16, 67th Annual Hunger Games)  


It was the only thing I could focus on. Climbing won't help me now. There's no trees and there's drinking taps everywhere because it's a school. My only two skills have just been made redundant. Turns out all that planning and extra training hours were for nothing. Urgh! if I wasn't headed towards a deadly playground over a backpack then I'd scream out my frustration.

I quickly grabbed the backpack that was surprisingly heavy and ran in the complete opposite direction of everyone else. I started high tailing it to the school doors and nearly tripped on the stairs when I heard the first cannon fire.


Gotta keep running. Okay, one step at a time. My breathing was already heavy and I could feel my hands being to shake.


I jumped and screamed. You Idiot!. Shut up and run, don't stop. I looked around me in a wild panic. I stood in the entrance of the school, a reception desk to one side. I turned down a corridor, running past empty classrooms and a library. Just as I'd ran down the corridor...I saw it, a staircase. Just keep going up. I have to put as much distance as I could between myself and the playground. Therefore I need to find the third floor!


Crap. I instantly ran up the staircase, causing me to lose more energy. But I can't stop. On the second floor,  it was a row of empty classrooms and toilets. BOOM. I jumped slightly before regaining my breath. I stared at the door with the girls sign on it. Thank god!. This is probably the first ever arena with functioning toilets. I ran in there and flushed the toilet in the nearest stall to check if they were for show or not. They work. BOOM. Fuck! Get a grip! you're in the bloody hunger games! This is no time to check out the arena.

I have to keep moving. I ran out of the toilets and went down two different corridors to find a staircase leading up. I heard a scream from what sounded like the oval. Making me pause in freight. BOOM. I swallowed nervously. If the tributes didn't run straight for the school, then anyone who isn't a career doesn't stand a chance. The arena's too small and open.

I wondered if Snow ordered for a quick games because last year it lasted for four weeks?. Or maybe it's just a bad design. I don't know if this is considered too quick or if it's just the blood bath. BOOM. Keep moving!

I took the steps two at time. I looked around the third floor. It's normal classrooms and a janitor's closet. BOOM. Fuck. Okay just keep running. I ran to the end of the corridor and stopped. I'd hit a dead fucking end. Now what? 

BOOM. I took a shaky breath and looked around me in panic. Okay, I'm on third floor, time to hide it out. I ran into the nearest classroom. Its not a classroom, a lab. I'm standing in a science lab.BOOM. Fuck-fucking-fuck! I'm trapped.

I looked around the room. Quick, just find somewhere to hide. I opened all the cupboards, but they were all filled with test tubes and beakers. If I emptied out the contents of the cupboards, then the careers would question why all the science equipment is out everywhere in this lab when the ones next to it are clean. It's too much of a giveaway. I pursued my lips in thought before I jumped.  BOOM. I'd noticed the cannons are slowing a bit. That's a good sign, right?

So far, I'd counted eleven. BOOM I jumped. Fuck! Make that twelve. Well at least I'd made it halfway. That's my goal complete. Guess I can die with my dignity still intact now. My District will be proud and I guess that's all I can hope for. I wondered if Duke was still alive or if he's already dead. Fuck think! I started hearing voices climbing up the stairs and I looked up at the ceiling in panic. I huffed in frustration. Just ceiling panels. Panels! Decent sized panels, I could hide in the ceiling! It'd been done before. I knew of a victor from District six that hid for the entire games and won. I can do that. New strategy, hide in the ceiling and never come out. 

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