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(Age 16, 67th Annual Hunger Games- The Victory Tour) 

It took me all day to get ready for this stupid party. And by me, I really mean Blu, Sadist and my prep team.

Sadist is really quiet which I like, it's a nice change from everyone else around here. Although he's still dressing me in red to symbolise fire so there's that major flaw.

I hadn't seen Slendor all day and when I questioned Blu on it, she seemed a bit flustered and said he had an 'appointment'. Something which I find extremely out of character because Slendor tells me everything and hates the Capitol. So why the hell was I out of the loop?!?

So, not only am I about to walk into the world's biggest party in a stupid red sparkly dress. But, I'm now pissed off too. An 'appointment', I rolled my eyes at thought.

I heard a gasp from beside me. "None of that now! Remember all eyes will be on you and everything you do comes back to me, honey. This is it. The night we'll remember for the rest of our lives." She did a little squeal and linked her arm with mine.

Snow's mansion was beautifully lit up with a rainbow of coloured dressed people on the steps. All of whom, have decided it's perfectly fine to be touching and shouting at me. By god, I hope it won't be like this all night...

There were tiki torches and fire dancers all over the place. According to Blu, fire is the theme of this year's party due to it being held in honour of the Arsonist. I thought it best not to inform her that I'm actually now afraid of it.

After Blue introduced me to about ten different coloured dressed people, she led me into the garden. I liked it better here, sure there were still fire dancers, but it was less crowded.

Blu smirked at my smile and leaned into my shoulder a bit. "See, I knew you had expensive taste. Only the elite of Panem have access to Snow's garden, even for parties."

She took a step back and gave me a smile. "Now, I've got allot of people and gossip to catch up on, but I'll find you in exactly two hours for President Snow's speech. Don't you go hiding on me now". She giggled and skipped back into the mansion leaving me standing alone at the entry of the garden.

I took in the scene before me. People were dancing on a beautiful dance floor, hedges surrounded us covered in fairy lights, the longest table I'd ever seen was packed to the brim with food and fire dancers were in each corner of the garden.

Simply put it was beautiful. Over the top, like most Capitol events but I didn't mind it so much because I couldn't tear my eyes away from the beauty of it all. Beauty I'd never experienced back home, this puts our barn dances to shame.

I stood for a little while just taking it all in before I decided I must look awkward as hell just standing here like a loner. I quickly walked up to the table to put something in my hand. If I had something in my hand then I won't look like such a lost kid. I grabbed the first glass I could find which appeared to have a sweet-smelling pink liquid in it. Just as I was about to take a sip, I felt someone's lips against my ear. "I wouldn't do that If I were you".

I jumped making whoever was behind me chuckle. I placed the glass down and turned around to be faced with none other than Finnick Odair.

He was casually smirking at me. His bronze skin seemed to highlight his green eyes that shined under the stars. I wondered, if he could look this good under the stars then what would he look like in the sun?

He wore a white button shirt that was un-done halfway down his chest with black suit pants. If I hadn't been so fucking startled, I would've swooned.

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