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(Age 24, The Capitol)


I woke with a jump, my whole body going rigid. Arms tightened around me and I stared up at concerned pair of sea green eyes. Everdeen 2.0's voice filled the air. "...it's not ours. The peacekeepers must be shelling the rebels outside the city".

I heard Cressida gasp from somewhere behind Finnick's frame. "That's not outside the city".

I swallowed as I heard another swoosh followed by Bang. I cringed, killing their own now, that's a new level of low even for Snow.

I couldn't sleep after that. In fact, if anything I felt nauseous. I don't know if it's from wading in sewage all day or maybe the air is just too stuffy in this bunker?...

Everdeen 2.0 and Finnick decided to come back down the stairs. They had to check out the windows of the shop for any surrounding hovercrafts. I'm guessing from the smirk on Finnick's face that we're in the clear. 

Everdeen 2.0 nodded in Katniss' direction and cleared his throat. "The sun's coming up. There's some small arms fire. It could be Paylor maybe Lyme. The rebels are close.".

Cressida sighed. "This is it". 

I swear after she said that the air suddenly turned heavy. For some reason my body couldn't handle it. Stuffiness is one thing but apparently you throw in tension and I'm throwing my guts up.

I felt Finnick hold me instantly while Katniss said my name in panic. Oh god, I can feel another wave coming up...

I pushed my hand in Finnick's face. "M've need a-air".

Finnick grunted and moved to holding my hair back while I kept going. I felt his hand rubbing soothing circles on my back. I spat, before wiping my mouth with my hand and nodding to Fin in thanks. He chuckled but his eyes held concern. I sighed and shrugged, before I mouthed 'sewage' as an explanation.

"Lyra, are you okay?". 

I stared up at Katniss in embarrassment, completely forgetting it wasn't just Finnick and I in the room. I swallowed and nodded at her. "Pfft yeah, just been a rough couple of days".

That's got to be it!. I mean, what else could it be?...

Everdeen 2.0 clicked his tongue in annoyance or disgust. Either way it just proves he's kind of a dick. 

An alarm like ring lit up the only screen in the bunker, thus cutting off whatever Everdeen 2.0 was about to say.  We all stared at it and watched as Mandatory Viewing appeared. 

I heard Finnick sigh in obvious annoyance beside me, causing me to smirk. I let out one myself as Snow appeared on screen. "To Capitol citizens. More than a half mile outside the city circle, I am announcing a mandatory evacuation. Come to the mansion. I am promising you shelter and sanctuary. To all refugees, come to my home. There you will be provided with medicine, food, safety for your children and you will have my solemn oath to protect you until my dying breath.".

Cressida scoffed. "Wish he'd hurry up with that last part".

I felt a smile make its way onto my face. Yeah, no kidding. "...our enemy is not like us. They do not share our values. They have never known our comfort or sophistication and they despise us for it. Make no mistake, they are not coming to liberate us. They are coming to destroy our way of life. They are coming to bury us". 

It instantly cut and Fin snickered before leaning in to me and muttering. "That was cheerful". 

I opened my mouth to retort only to be cut off by Katniss. "Is he still in the mansion?". When no one answered, she turned to a blank Peeta. "Peeta?"

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