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(Age 16, 67th Annual Hunger Games)  

I had to take another half hour shower to get the smell off me. The shower itself confused me. There were about nine different buttons and taps that sprayed all kinds of perfumes, lotions and flavored water. Why anyone would take a shower in flavored water was beyond me.

I spent the next hour exploring the tenth floor. Somehow it seemed just as big if not bigger than the train we'd just recently gotten off. With five lounge rooms, six bedrooms and eleven bathrooms I doubted I'd ever seen Bill outside of trainings. Not that I minded in the slightest, it just gives me more of an opportunity to find a strategy.

I went back to my room and again looked at past games. I've decided that the arena is most likely going to be a desert. It seems the way the game makers will go, based off the fact we haven't had a desert arena of any kind for the past ten years. I shook my head in thought. It's either going to be super hot or super cold. Sadly, my near staved diet back home won't aid me in any desert climate. Part one of my strategy is to therefore find water at any costs. If I have a solid source of water than I have a higher chance of surviving until day two. I don't care where I end up, I just don't want to be the first to die. It's a good goal to have and I don't think I'm aiming too high. Obviously, I'll try my best to survive but with no skills whatsoever it's hard not to be bleak about the games.

When I arrived for breakfast Bill, Slendor and Blu were already eating. Blu seemed to be giving out advice and was wearing pink. I didn't know how I felt about Blu in pink. It just seems like she's thrown away what little personality she had.

I huffed across from her as I took my seat at the table. "I liked your blue outfit better by the way". I don't why I just said that.

She scoffed. "Well I appreciate the honesty, but I hope you won't be offended sweetie if I don't take fashion advice from a child".

I shrugged. I'm just more surprised that she has a stronger backbone then I originally thought.

Slendor cleared his throat. "Now, for training it's probably best not to showcase your skills and if you have none". He looked pointedly at me. "Then at least make it appear as though your hiding one".

Amazing advice. I'm definitely not going to die now after hearing that.

"Try to make allies. Stay away from One and Two, they'll eat you alive. Eleven or even Twelve are your best bet for allies."

Bill chuckled next to me. "I think we're better off alone then being in an alliance with District Twelve".

I nodded "Same".

Slendor shrugged. "Have it your way then, that's just what I'd do. Statistically speaking, most people who won were in an alliance at one point. If anything, just remember that all eyes are on you. Game-Makers, Mentors and Tributes. They're all going to be looking for your weaknesses, my advice is don't give them the opportunity to find it".

Slendor escorted as down to the training facility. We'd stopped at a hallway of doors and without any goodbyes he left to a room on our right. I'm guessing it's a private room where all the mentors watch us.

Bill rubbed his neck awkwardly. "I guess it's at the end of the hallway then?".

He pointed to big set of double doors at the end of the hall, I nodded.

I bit my lip at him."Did you want to train separately in there too?". I really didn't want to be alone with everyone watching us.

He clicked his tongue and gave me a curt nod. "Yeah it's probably for the best". 

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