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(Age 16, 67th Annual Hunger Games)  

I was staring in the mirror trying to see if I could still see myself. I've never worn makeup before and didn't think it did that much for people. I knew I was better looking than most, but I liked to think I was modest. Looking at me now I looked like a goddess and definitely not the scared little farm girl whose name was called at the reaping.

My blond hair was in loose curls and my grey eyes made me seem intimidatingly beautiful. I was in a silky lilac dress that was tight fitting. My barely there sixteen-year-old body actually seemed extenuated.

Slendor was leaning against the doorframe of my dressing room and was analyzing me. "I've decided honesty isn't going to be your angle anymore".

I locked eyes with him in the mirror and rose my eyebrows. "And what would this new angle be then?"

"Deathly beauty. It'll give you lots of sponsors and you'll act as though these games are beneath you. Act...privileged without privilege. Think regal instead of confident. Still above the rest but never cocky and yet not modest. Do you think you can do that, Beautiful?"

I shrugged. "I guess."

He shook his head. "I guess. Is too modest. Be regal, act royal. Can you do that?"

I smirked at him in the mirror. "You don't have to ask me stupid questions, I can act for some show".

He chuckled. "There it is beautiful. Be that! And you may just make out alive". He winked at me and left. Probably to prep Bill with his angle.

I stared myself down in the mirror.

For sponsors, I can act like a princess. For sponsors, I can be desirable and for sponsors I'll act above everyone here.

I joined the line of other tributes. Bill was behind me and I was freaking out. I'd never been interviewed before. What if I didn't know the answer to something? What if I froze? Or dropped the act? Hell! I've never really walked in heels before. What if I tripped?... so much regal.

The line kept getting shorter and shorter. When the boy tribute for district nine was announced, I knew I'd be next. His interview seemed to drag on for ages and I didn't know if it was because I was panicking or not.

"And now! Ladies and Gentlemen. The girl who wears meat like skin". I cringed. "The girl with a face that has ensnared the Capitol. Lyra Powell District Ten! Haha."

His laughter was maniacal and he was dressed from head to toe in blue. Maybe him and Little Miss Freaky are married. It wouldn't surprise me.

I took a shaky breath and walked onto the stage with my head held high. Don't smile, your above it. Be godly and be regal.

He took my hand and presented me to the audience. "Lyra, my dear you are just breath taking, isn't she folks?"

I almost thanked him but stopped short when I remembered what Slendor told me. Instead I came off as if I was unimpressed about the compliment. The crowd fucking loved it, both men and surprisingly women.

"So, what's your strategy for this year's games?"

I smirked ever so lightly. "Well, if I told you I think it'd be compromised".

Find water maybe? I don't know.

"Intriguing, I love it. What about alliances? I'm sure most tributes would be lining up to be allies with you, I know I would.". The crowd went crazy. I kept my posture indifferent, I found it comical considering I seem to be everyone's last choice for an alliance.

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