The Silent Killer (A Finnick Odair Love Story)  by ZoeAlder
The Silent Killer (A Finnick Zoë Alder
"Loving you meant risking everything."
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RUINS  ( FINNICK ODAIR ) by -voidlegends
❝A HUMBLE PAWN CAN BRING KINGDOMS DOWN❞ ( hunger games franchise ) ( catching fire - the mockingjay ) ( finnick odair x oc ) ( © -voidlegends )
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Infelicitous | f. odair by sleepdeprived
Infelicitous | f. odairby she looked like art
❝Loving you was the most exquisite form of self destruction.❞ [catching fire and so forth] © 2016 sleepdeprived all rights reserved. #1 in the hungergames tag (thank you...
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'I will not follow the commands of a foolish old man who sits in his ivory tower all day with no regard for the lives of his people!' Quinn Larkin was ruthless. ...
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Hunger Games Imagines and Preferences by kaleywisner
Hunger Games Imagines and kaley
#14 in Hunger Games. Just a collection of Hunger Games Series Imagines They include -Peeta -Finnick -Gale -Cato -Katniss I take requests, message me Btw the chapters...
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Living Lies (Hunger Games x Reader) by Jay_theFangirl
Living Lies (Hunger Games x Reader)by Jay
The reader is a young girl, born and raised in the Seam, growing up as best friends with Katniss Everdeen. The same mine explosion that killed Katniss and Gale's fathers...
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The Art of War | Finnick Odair [1] by mikkiandnackk
The Art of War | Finnick Odair [1]by isaac lahey
Aven Spencer Fitzgerald is anything but ordinary, according to Finnick Odair. She survived her own Games, and she lives with the trauma that it caused her. Over time, Av...
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Katniss and Peeta: Real  by Katnisslives
Katniss and Peeta: Real by @KatnissLives
The story of how Katniss and Peeta grow back together. The story between the end and the epilogue. Learn the realistic interpretation of how Katniss Everdeen and Peeta...
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High Tide (Finnick Odair) by scarletCrusader
High Tide (Finnick Odair)by Cali
Reyna Bowman watched Finnick Odair fight to the death in the 65th Hunger Games. A year later, he mentored her in hers. When she won and refused to sell her last bit of f...
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Victor by Night | Finnick Odair by itsjustannie
Victor by Night | Finnick Odairby annie :)
Sagitarra Scrymgeour -- Sage, for short -- has already fought her way and conquered the title of Victor during the 72nd Annual Hunger Games for District 5. Still recove...
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Mockingjay (Clint Barton x Katniss Everdeen Barnes) by insaneredhead
Mockingjay (Clint Barton x insaneredhead
Bucky Barnes, recently saved and rehabilitated, freed of Hydra and any influence it has on him decides to do something good back, starting with rescuing his daughter fro...
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WASTELAND ▹ FINNICK ODAIRby ─ queen of wakanda.
WASTELAND. ❛ There's nothing left for us. ❜ Loving Panem's greatest sex symbol was a challenge. But one girl thought it wa...
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Pregnant In the Quell  by sayeverlark
Pregnant In the Quell by sayeverlark
What if Katniss Everdeen fell in love with Peeta Mellark after their first games? What if before the quarter quell, she found herself pregnant with Peeta Mellark's child...
  • peetamellark
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promises • cato the hunger games  by daydreamdalliances
promises • cato the hunger games by 💫
"don't make promises you can't keep." COMPLETED
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Life After Mockingjay by sayeverlark
Life After Mockingjayby sayeverlark
"After everything we've been through, two hunger games, hijacking, a rebellion.. There are still moments when he clutches the back of a chair and hangs on until the...
  • peeniss
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The Hunger Games X Reader ONE-SHOTS [ON HIATUS] by fiery-hallows
The Hunger Games X Reader jacob's little sister
As you wander along the 13 districts of Panem and the Capitol, whether reliving your favourite moments of the Hunger Games or simply living among the folks of the distri...
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Black & Blue || Finnick Odair by Cutehorse
Black & Blue || Finnick Odairby B R Y D
'Do you hear the people sing? Singing a song of angry men. It is the music of the people who will not be slaves again.' || Hunger Games Trilogy || || OC x Finnick Odair...
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Pregnant in the 75th by little-duck
Pregnant in the 75thby little-duck
What if Katniss really was pregnant going up to the quarter quell? Just my take in what could have happened in Catching fire. hope you like it! Just in case anyone wond...
  • quarterquell
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  • katnisseverdeen
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mortale. finnick odair by -aestheticauras
mortale. finnick odairby ˗ˏˋmai dawesˊ˗
❝WE'RE GLADIATORS, BUT WE'RE ONLY FIGHTING OURSELVES.❞ [ started, 2.1.17 - ] [ catching fire - mockingjay ]
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The Hunger Games Preferences by Kay_bug_03
The Hunger Games Preferencesby Staygoldwiththewind
None Of These Characters Are Mine! All belong to Suzanne Cullens! Preferences will include -Gale Hawthorne -Peeta Mellark -Finnick Odair
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