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(Age 24, District 13)

Sea green eyes stared endlessly into my grey eyes. It took everything in me to get out the words I'd only ever been able to say in dreams. Only this wasn't a dream, this is real life. Me standing hand and hand with Finnick. Confessing our love and dedicating ourselves to eachother. I felt my cheeks suddenly start to burn before smiling up at Fin who winked back at me. 

I sighed. "From this day forward, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, I promise to love and cherish you each day."

Finnick's smile widened before he exhaled. "I, Finnick Odair, take you Lyra Powell, as my wife from this day forth. Together or apart we will always be united. One life, one purpose, one destiny."

The sermon, A man from District Ten whose name is Dalton handed Fin a small bowl of salt. I knew him in passing, he wasn't from the main road but from one of the many farms in Ten.  Dalton smiled at me encouagingly and I, like Finnick dipped my fingers into the bowl before pressing them against Fin's lips. Finnick smirked at me before gently pressing his fingers against my lips too. 

A small chuckle escaped Dalton. "You may kiss the bride".

Finnick eyes lip up as we leant into eachother. This kiss was gentle, passionate and somehow different from all of our dramtic passionate kisses of the past. This one was savoured and gentle because we felt safe. We have time and it felt like the beginning of a new life, a life together. 

A huge applause had broken out and once the kiss broke, I could feel myself beaming up at Finnick with happiness. His own smile every bit the same as mine. I giggled and he chuckled before leaning into my ear and whispered. "You're beautiful, Mrs Odair".

I smacked his shoulder playfully. "Hey, I'm still Powell until we carve the roast!".

In every District there is a wedding tradition. People in the districts sign a wedding certificate and then perfom their tradition. Most consider the tradition more binding then the certificate though. Since we'd already performed Fin's tradition, we're married in District Four. However technically not in District Ten, not yet anyways.

In District Four you kiss with salt, In District Seven according to Johanna they have this big ancient tree. Only once the couple engrave their names on it are they considered married. In District Twelve according to Katniss, they toast bread together and call it a 'toasting'. But in District Ten we both carve a slice of meat together to demonstrate the couples willingness to feed everyone and everything. Our people but also our mind, bodies and soul. 

Finnick chuckled. "Then we better grab a knife fast before you change your mind".

I grabbed his hand and smiled up at him. "You know, I think my toes are feeling a bit cold...better find it quick".

Finnick shook his head at me before dragging me over to the large feast table set up in the middle of the hall.  In two seconds flat nearly before the crowd had even gathered he'd already cut off a slice of beef. He kissed my temple and slipped the knife gently into my hand. "If you want to back out its now or never. Just, if you're going to back out try not to visit District Four, otherwise I'll keep you and never let you go."

I bit my lip. "Hmmm tempting but, I'm already too in love with you to not be yours."

I carved the beef, as soon as the slice fell onto the plate a fiddle had began playing. It's offical Finnick and I are married. Married offically in District Thirteen. Married in both the eyes of our districts and that little piece of paper on that podium declared us married in all of Panem.

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