Chapter 12 - Descent to madness (October 27, 2020)

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chapter tw: loss of a loved one, guilt

Date posted: October 27, 2020

Chapter 12 - Descent to madness 

Marky was clearly the one put on the spot, but why is Luntian the one being so conscious about it. Maybe it is because of what she discovered earlier. Or probably because of the subtle trembling of Marky's cane that she wanted to take him out of here.

To escape.

To breathe.

Lulu was already at the edge of her seat when she felt Mizelea approached Perci's space and sat. Taking advantage of the delay in Perci's speech, Mizzy smiled at Luntian.

Luntian looked at Marky before she returned Mizzy's smile. He's still not saying anything. But nobody judged. Nobody urged him to hustle. Besides, this is a funeral service. Everybody is having a hard time. And everyone is refusing to move on, without any sense of urgency to let this event as one of last affair to honor her just go.

The sound of the rustling of the leaves outside echoed throughout the chapel walls, making everyone's moods more damp than it ever is.

"Hi..." Mizzy suddenly greeted Luntian.


"I know this isn't the right time, but, can I add you on facebook?"

Luntian was almost distracted by Mizzy's question. She may have this confused look on her face, so the woman beside her repeated herself.

"You know... I just want to have some contact person for Perci just in case." Mizelea added.

Luntian blinked her turmoil away. Inisip niya na gusto lang sigurong alamin ng babaeng ito ang background niya. Or maybe she just wanna get hold of a contact person in case Perci disappears again, kaya hindi na ito nagpatumpik-tumpik pa.

Muntik na niya itong ibigay, but she realized, she and Perci weren't even friends yet. So by adding another person first might blow the cover of all her fibs earlier.

"Uhm, I don't have a facebook." She added to her list of lies.

Medyo tumaas ang kilay ni Mizelea dahil sino pa ba naman ang walang facebook ngayon? But then, Mizzy was too quick to school her countenance and smiled again.

"Even messenger?" The woman asked again.

"How about I give you my number?" Luntian offered instead. Kung contact person lang naman ang kailangan ng kaibigan ni Marky, she would be very glad to be that one person.

As she whisper her number to Mizzy, she casually asked for her name to be stored in her contacts.

"Luntian. Luntian Algemensi."

"Algemensi?" Mizelea raised an eyebrow.

"Yep. Algemensi." She even spelled it and found Mizzy nodding.

As they exchange numbers, they heard Perci cleared his voice on the microphone as if he's finally starting his speech.

And after a beat, Perci finally has spoken.

"I... I love you, ate Lee...." That's all he managed to say. "I'm so sorry kuya. I'm really sorry."

This tugged a lot the heartstrings. Like a simultaneous gasp of pity came from everyone's mouths. Parang naawa sa sitwasyon nang magkapatid na nawalan ng mahal sa buhay. For all they know, the girl in the coffin has been the brothers' rock all these years. What meaning can be obtained from the younger's words aside from the precis of the ground where they are all standing. The love for the best girl. And how sorry he is for the surviving husband. What else could it mean, right?

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