Prologue (June 24, 2020)

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Date posted: June 24, 2020


"I know what I vowed. And even though I don't really love you, Even though I will never love you. I will never leave this marriage. I will never leave this house. So calm your cruel self down, miss. I'm still a man of my word."

Mark closed the door shut and an unbearable pain spread across her chest.

"I know..." She whispered to herself as she finally pulled herself from her reverie.

At times like this, she couldn't anymore construe anything into something positive like she how normally does— treat Mark's every word with her fake brightness. Justify his harshness with reasons she, too, can't really understand. But her trust that a heart can learn how to love, and her hopefulness that at the end of this very dark tunnel will be his elusive heart. The reason for her smiles.

But every time her husband mentions their wedding, it also comes with the memories of his vows— and its two faces. The pretty public one where he promised till death do them part. And the contradictory remark he whispered immediately after.

"I will never love you. And although it's unlikely, if there comes a time that I'll fall for you, I will never say it. You're the most cruel person in this world. And because of what you did, you will never have me. And you will never hear me say it. Not even a jest. Not until you die." She will remember this phrase forever. The real vow Mark Perseus made after saying I do.

What do you expect from a socialite who used all her money and power just to tie the love of her life until he can't breathe? The girl whom people thought of faking her own pregnancy just to push responsibility for marriage? The girl whom everybody believed would hurt Mark's only family just for him to agree.

This indifference. The nonchalance. This great fvcking mess.

This whole damn time her princess syndrome told her that once she gets him to agree to marry her, to live a life with her as his wife, he will be completely be hers. But she is now questioning whether marriage really guarantees the other's heart.

Because maybe in this lifetime she will never have his.

He will never love her.

Never now. Maybe not even if it's too late.


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