Chapter 02 - Monster (June 28, 2020)

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Date posted: June 28, 2020

Chapter 02 - Monster

5 years ago, Perci wouldn't believe it if his future self would tell him that he would cry for this annoying lady. He would say he wouldn't even care for her— not in this lifetime.

Luntian Algemensi is the opposite of everything that he has been looking for in a girl. She is so beautiful, almost perfect, they say. Her dainty features makes her look sweet. Yet, she exudes so much allure because of her feline eyes. So saying that she's gorgeous is really an understatement. Blame her Spanish heritage for her to-die-for figure. She can eat anything and not gain weight because of super genes. She's smart, and she can run her ways to the world. But most of all, she has so much money.

But Perci wasn't even looking for beautiful, nor sexy, nor smart. Lest someone perfect.

In fact, Perci isn't even looking for love, at all. At least not deliberately. Perci believed that love is not something that should be actively searched for. Especially after everything that happened within his family.

Because he only has one single idea of what love seem to feel like— a seed that he buried when he was young, and flourished into something else as he grew. The kind of love he can't have. The kind of love he can't act upon. But in truth, Perci wasn't even sure if that really what love was really like. Because maybe it is. Or maybe it's just something that he kept dearly in his heart for long.

Years before his journals were discovered, he resolved into thinking that maybe what he felt for her was just a thing of the past. Lee was valiant. She was a force. And maybe the only woman to grace his life as close and as lovingly as possible. She changed him in ways unimaginable. She was a trailblazer.

But aren't they all affected the same way? Everyone around them has been changed just by the presence of this dear person. Lee Gabriel was a hero to everyone, and not just to him. He knew that. So bold of him to act like he was special. Kaya nga siguro ito kukunin ng maaga, sabi ng iba. Because she has done her part in this world. She was already that good. That noble. She already brought light in their darkest corners.

And even now that she's sick— god, she's very very sick. Hindi niya alam kung kaya niya itong ihatid hanggang dulo.

Oddly, unlike his brother who seem to be coping too well with what happened, Perci still can't face the fact that in no time, she will be gone. Hindi niya kaya.

Ang kapal ng mukha niya para siya pa talaga ang umarte ng ganito. Sino ba siya? But Perci can't help it.

It's different from the time she left them before. Dahil dati, alam niya na kahit nawala ito sa buhay nilang magkapatid, she was just around. Probably living a happy life somewhere else. Pero ngayon, hindi niya kayang tanggapin na mawawala ito.

There is no cure. That's probably the hardest pill to swallow. And the longer he stays with them, the harder it strikes him of the fact that she will die. That it's just inevitable. In fact, she is already losing her faculties.

When he's near Lee, Perci can literally feel her slipping through his grasp. It's like no matter what he does, it felt like he's just trying hold liquid. Pointless. The brightness of her soul appears to be slowly dimming. With her memories gone, it seems like she's transformed into a completely different person. Or probably not even a person. Just a hollow body with a missing soul.

And he can't accept it. That she lost herself just because she is losing her memories. Perci couldn't wrap his head around the fact that we are just made of our memories.

Kaya ayaw niya na. Medyo nawalan na siya ng direksyon. He just wanted to live a fleeting life making petty memories. Dahil para saan pa ba? Itong paglalakbay niya? Itong pagliliwaliw niya? Hindi ba't sa huli mawawala lang din ang lahat. Every memory will just fade. So now he has the least effort to make something worthwhile. Because in the end, he knows it will just fade away.

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