Chapter 07 - Deepest and Darkest (July 11, 2020)

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chapter tw: loss of a loved one, guilt

Date posted: July 11, 2020

Chapter 07 - Deepest and Darkest

After a good 30 minute ride, their service van stopped in a 100m2 house in the heart of Rue Stephenson. A calm neighborhood in the middle of Goutte d'Or. Although there were old anachronous establishments around portraying the good old Paris that can be seen in postcards, the region where the humble house was built is of its contemporaries. It was rather a mix western architecture, influenced by the sub-Saharan culture of the immigrants in the place.

Perci noted that place in front of him was not the slightest humble. Not even the usual Parisian apartment any affluent person can choose to afford provided the high cost of living in the area. It's actually a furnished 3-bedroom house with a mini terrace. Maybe not very lavish, but to think that it's a house in this affluent city truly brags of this woman's wealth.

He didn't know where this is coming from, but it gives him a little hint of annoyance as if the girl is really nothing but her money.

Ayaw niya nang magaksaya ng panahong hulaan kung gaano kayaman ang pamilya nito dahil maging si Aling Dencia ay hindi man lang nagulat sa lugar.

"What?" Luntian asked when she noticed he stopped.

Nanatiling nakakunot ang noo ni Perci.

"Ano nga?" Lulu raised her brow.

"What is this?"

"It's a house." Luntian replied with a big grin.

"Is this part of your fantasy of us living together?" His waist is hurting so much that his indifference is doubled. Kahit wala namang sinasabi ang babae sa tabi niya, his temperament is just enough to mete her supposed kindness with enmity.

"Can't you just say thank you?" Luntian stopped in her tracks attempting to rein in her temper. Dahil kung sasalubungin niya na naman ang kasaaman ng ugali nito, they will just go round and round, at hindi matatapos.

But actually, she could not completely refute his words because it's not completely wrong. Siyempre sumagi rin sa utak niya ang bagay na 'yun. Them living under a proper house. It's not a hotel room, nor a small rented apartment. But will she admit it now that Mark has said it? She won't! Even though she's here to cater to his every whim, she won't acquiesce now under his blaming tone.

Perci sighed.

"Unless you want to?"

"Luntian!" He is once again on his edge.

"Just freaking relax, okay? Pwede bang pumasok ka muna bago ka magalit?"

Inalalayan ni Luntian si Perci sa paglalakad sa maliit na garden and he had no choice.

But when they reach the doorway, Perci found something to argue about again.

"How much is this house' rent?"

"Can you stop asking about money. I have so much money to spare. Okay na ba?" Luntian squeezed his hand as she looked at Aling Dencia. "Aling Dens paki-ready na rin po ang mga slippers sa loob. Make sure, it doesn't have dust anything sharp ah."

Everything is really making Perci uncomfortable. Because what he hated were people like this. Particularly woman like Luntian who show off their status and order other people around without reason.

"How much is the rent?" Giit niya.

Tumigil si Luntian.

"I don't know."

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