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Secretly Married (English) by forgottenglimmerENG
Secretly Married (English)by Forgottenglimmer ENGLISH
Phoebe Bernal shares a secret with one of the country's hottest stars, Kent Fuentabella. Their secret? They've been married for a year. Of course, no one can know, lest...
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (English) by forgottenglimmerENG
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow ( Forgottenglimmer ENGLISH
Blurb: High school sweethearts separated with years of pain and longing cross paths again after many many years. An angsty vs a cold heart, can Lee and Odyssey still mee...
A Promise to Remember by YuiTachibana272
A Promise to Rememberby YuiTachibana272
Meet Alliah Canfer, an ordinary highschool and graduating student. She always wishes to have a good life and fulfill the promise she and her childhood friend made. She w...
Fairy Tail (fanfic) by EminaRovel
Fairy Tail (fanfic)by EminaRovel
Natsu: She was an almost perfect girl, but I broke up with her because of a small thing... I was stupid... Lucy: He broke up with me because of something he won't tell...
♥insurgent 2♥:the destruction of an faction's source by sweetcutegeek11
♥insurgent 2♥:the destruction of sweetcutegeek11
this book is an dramatic action packed story .....which shows how tris face her challenges with tobias ...while there on thier journey...they found out that in every fa...
Queen of Misfortunes by forgottenglimmerENG
Queen of Misfortunesby Forgottenglimmer ENGLISH
Zylie has a magnet for misfortunes. She meets her knight-in-shining armor Silver and her life turned the other way. Originally written in Taglish 2011 and published in 2...