Chapter 05 - Pain (July 04, 2020)

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chapter tw: hospitalization, trauma, guilt

Date posted: July 04, 2020

Chapter 05 - Pain

("Luntian, honey, you don't need to slave yourself taking care of your vegetable boyfriend.")

Lulu rolled his eyes at the words of her bestfriend Glenda Santillan. She knows she meant no harm. Ganito naman sila magsalita with her. Good thing other people can't hear their repartee. Because if they did, people might raise not just their eyebrows but also their middle finger.

Because with Glenda's profession, she can only as blunt as this during her moments with Luntian. Only with her bestfriend can she dare to be not scientific nor politically-correct. Only with Luntian can she actually display how grey her morality also is— just like the wastrel that they both are as socialites.

"Shut up, Glenda. You know I like being here." She's used to Glenda's special bluntness always aimed especially at her-- as much as Glenda's used to her princess syndrome too. "Besides, these French doctors won't dare to lie."

There was a long pause before Glenda started talking again.

(So he's really in a bad state?")

"Yeah." Tinitigan muli ni Lulu ang lalaki na nakaratay sa kama. She tried to ignore the knot in her heart as war flashbacks run through her head. "He had a freaking car accident. What do you expect? A car hit him right in front of my eyes!"

("Or maybe, he met an accident because you were chasing him?")

"Glendie." She warned. She didn't really want to go to this conversation. But because it has still been opened, she seemed to feel the knot in her chest grow bigger it's almost suffocating.

("My words are from your kwento din Lulu. You said you were tailing him.")

"Yeah." Luntian hung her head pathetically like a child as she draw her stare from Mark. She looked far from the window. Her eyes suddenly look empty.

("But, okay.") Glenda started to hype her up and coax her. Biglang bawi. ("Don't feel too bad. It's not as if you pushed him. Why is he running without looking where he's going in the first place?Besides, he's not a child para bantayan sa kalsada na kapag nalingat ka masasagasaan na. He's a full grown-ass man")

Luntian smiled a bit.

"I will really love you 'till the end of my life, Glenda. You really dote me a lot, I can already die." She even chuckled a bit. Her simple mind can really be swayed as ephemeral as the directions of the wind. As if her disposition is only three parts austere and seven parts naive. Like an actual kid who can forget all her worries in a jiffy.

("You talk as if the men in your family don't spoil you.")

Luntian chuckled again as if she has completely forgotten the dark undercurrents of their conversation earlier.

Glenda also took her time to smile. She also always forgets that despite all the window dressings of her friend's lifestyle, deep down, she's just a simple person. And if she didn't have the fortuity to study human behavior, she also wouldn't realize that behind Luntian's spoiled behavior, the things that makes her happy are just very simple. It only appears that her mental circuit is like a maze-like labyrinth bequeathed to her by her cunning parents of the business world, but in fact, she is as straight as a Moses' staff.

("But babe, just be careful ha. There are so many guys in the world. I'm not sure why you're sticking with that one, you barely know each other-- and now you're taking care of a person in coma?")

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