Chapter 03 - Fleeting no more (June 30, 2020)

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chapter tw: car accident

Date posted: June 30, 2020

Chapter 03 - Fleeting no more

Although he sometimes resort into asking her for help, Perci is still irked at the fact that Lulu tries to solve everything through  money.

Oo, alam niya na ngayon na kaya nitong magsung ng pera, even everything that she brought with her here in Paris, but she still have some more. And she will not be affected at the ver least. She's that rich. A family fortune, he thought. Saan ba naman kasi ito kumukuha ng pera na parang wala namang ginagawa. 

Perci realized that this is her love language— giving— may it be money or any other material things. Unfortunately, that's not his.

Perci knew from a long time ago that material possession nor money weren't his thing. He grew up in such an immaterial world that his brother put up for him. Perci knew from the moment that he had consciousness that money isn't everything.

So every time Lulu tried to squeeze the value of money in every conversation, like it is the solution to every fvcking problem in this world-- he wanted to hurl. He wanted to tell her that it annoys him to his wit's end. But he just can't-- at least not all the time.

Minsan, sinasabi niya naman nang harapan, pero madalas ay hindi. I guess that's how complicated humans are. They just allow things to happen even though it's not to their liking, until they burst. Lalo kay Luntian. Especially not immediately after using her money. Kahit pa sabihing binalik niya 'yun agad, ginamit niya pa rin ang pera nito to stay afloat here in Paris.

"You know we can't have a thing between us, Lulu." He finally managed to retort as he strapped his camera around on his neck as he face her. Katulad kasi nang mga nakaraang araw ay nakasunod pa rin ito sa kanya.

But as he looks at her, Perci saw Luntian re-applying her sunscreen and wasn't able to catch what he was saying.

A real vain.


Perci resisted to roll his eyes. Ayaw niya pa namang inuulit ang mga sinasabi niya. Umiling na lang si Perci at muling naglakad.

"What did you say, Marky?"

Marky. Again.  It's always that annoying high-pitched voice saying Marky.

Naiinis siya, pero alam niya namang maging dito, kasalanan niya.

He was the one who told her that his name is Mark. Not that it's a lie. But she didn't know that it wasn't really the name he is using. Because all this time, he wanted to forget he was Perci. That kind of Perci. When he started travelling, he started to assume a different persona, away from being the Perci he was at home. And he thought, if he will not hear his his name, it will just be fine. 

He even changed his Perception channel's info from Perci Lee, to Mark Lee, for fck's sake.

Back then, Luntian Algemensi uttered his name in high spirits. And maybe that's the reason why he became drawn to her. She was so bright that it reminded him of her...

It was only in hindsight that he realized that she is very different from her. Magkaibang-magkaiba sila.

That even though people seem bright, they are all different. Lee was like the sun. She is just shining on her own. Proud, warm and benevolent.

While Luntian is like a diamond. Definitely valuable and bright, but is only getting her light from something else. Something very artificial and grandiose. Perhaps, like her money, he thought. Maybe she is just shining because of her money. Just like how rich people seem to glow. Na parang sila lang ang may karapatang maging maayos ang itsura. 

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