Chapter 14 - Should I wait for the stars (March 27, 2021)

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Date posted: March 27, 2021

Chapter 14 - Should I wait for the stars

"Oh my god, this is so pretty!" Luntian exclaimed as she opened the big box of Chanel tweed jacket that her friend Mara gave her.

"Ang ganda. I should've chosen that one pero I still went with the black." Glenda chimed in. "It looked really good on the model. Pero maganda rin pala 'yang pink."

"I hope you like the color though." Mara smiled as she forks into the key lime pie serve on the ceramic table.

"I love pink! Ano ba. But why are you giving this to me? I'm here to invite you nga on my brother's birthday."

"I know. I didn't forget Aramis' birthday okay?"

"She's giving it to you because she felt bad that you weren't there at the fashion week."

Luntian chuckled.

"Ano ka ba?! Parang baliw 'to. Why would you feel bad."

"Who says I feel bad?" Mara said defensively. "Ikaw Glenda, don't act like you know everything that goes into our minds."

"Oo na. Sige hindi na." Glenda smiled but was surprised when someone knocked at the glass door. "My god! Nagulat ako."

"Wait lang. I told them kasi to knock loudly so we can prepare before the fortune-teller goes in."

"I thought we're gonna shop? You called me here for a fortune-telling?" Natatawang sabi ni Luntian. It's because she felt really bad leaving Perci in the condo.

"Why? Am I not allowed to trick my friends into trying out some of our cultural shiz?"

Luntian and Glenda just giggled. Mara is Chinese. She comes in the old Chinese families in the old Manila who now owned the banks and she technically practices a lot of Chinese cultures. In fact, she even has a Chinese name.

"I say this one is legit, okay? Master is very old na. I'm telling you nahulaan niya pa 'yung lolo ko before. And I tell you, he's good. Very old, but "

"And that's how your family got rich?" Ani Glenda with a hint of a jest.

"Hay nako. Just bear with me in this."

"What are we gonna do?"

"You don't have to do anything." Mara assured them. "Fortune-telling is called Suan Ming in Mandarin which literally means fate calculation. So you just have to listen.

"Like just listen lang? The master won't take read our hands or take out tarot cards?"

"Actually he's a face-reader lang. He's practicing mianxiang or what we call face-reading. Sa mukha lang makikita na 'yung kapalaran niyo. Don't laugh okay! Sunduin ko na siya sa ante-room if you're ready."

"How about the payment? How do we pay?"

"There's no strict rules in paying. You can actually just give a little if you're not satisfied."

"Then he will only say good things that we want to hear." Glenda is being negative about this.

"Hindi niya naman alam ang gusto nating marinig ah."

"But he will just say positive things to get paid."

"Hay nako guys. Just try it. Wala namang mawawala, right?"

"I really don't know." Glenda shakes her head.

"Lulu?" Mara gave her fondest puppy eyes to Luntian.

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