Chapter 06 - What we owe (July 06, 2020)

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chapter tw: hospitalization, trauma, guilt

Date posted: July 06, 2020

Chapter 06 - What we owe

Luntian is exhausting Glenda's precious time yet again. She could've entertained the last minute tele-consultation booking of one of her patients, but she declined saying she is already engaged. Of course she would love to hear more about Lulu's struggles. Besides, this is actually the first time for her to hear mature problems from this princess. She couldn't help but look back.

("How happy you must be...")

"I am happy! I'm not just telling you but I'm actually expecting the worse na. But look what happened. I knew giving up ain't an option talaga." This time, she is proudly showing off Mark's progress in the routine tests.

("Can you not show him to me like you're a paparazzi.") Glenda whined. But deep inside, she wanted to give Luntian a big pat on the shoulders. She knew that if she only were there, she really had done that already. This friend of hers has her own enigmatic charm that gave people hope in their moments of despair. She loved that about Lulu although it brings out false assurance like an impossible dream waiting to happen. Sometimes it hurts, but good thing they're wastrels of the feathers. If they have anything to be proud of, it's their money. And money unlike the old-age adage says, really can buy everything. Including hope. And Luntian is lucky enough to be born in the right family to maintain this sanguine mindset. Her self-confidence was bright enough to illuminate the entire world... together with her money.

If anything, may magagawa ba ang paniniwala ni Luntian kung wala siyang pera? Maybe her guy would just rot and die if he's not treated in the best hospital. It's really a medley of the right circumstances. Glenda can just smile that it all went well.

"He's doing really well, Glends. Look." She focuses her camera phone on Mark doing some stretching in his rehabilitation therapy from a distance.

("Oh god, Luntian. You look like a proud mom. May pa-video pa talaga? Can't you see he's conscious of what you're doing? Tignan mo. Tumitingin na sa'yo ng masama.") Glenda said in hush tones.

"I'm really a proud mom, okay?" Luntian smiled. She turned off her video camera and proceeded with just an audio call. Naglakad din siya palabas ng rehabilitation ward. Her heels clanking so loud the other people in the hallway could not help but look into her direction.

Even though she's in Paris, the hospital isn't the runway nor the Parisian roads where people are usually all dolled up with fancy clothes. But she is Luntian Algemensi. Still oblivious of the plight of others, she strutted her way in between the worried patients in the hospital. Too bad Glenda wasn't beside her to remind her.

("Let me tell you na nakakairita ka minsan. You shouldn't be doing this. Up to this extent")

"Doing what? Helping him? Masama ba?"

("Physical Therapy. Occupational Therapy. Speech Theraphy. What's next, Lulu?")

"After all of that, maybe we can still have Cognitive Rehabilitation. That naman to improve his memory and thinking skills."

("I didn't mean for you to answer, Lulu. I was asking why you are doing all of this, instead of phoning his family.")

"I asked him if I should contact his family, okay? And he said no. He was so unwilling to reach out to them that he allowed me to do this for him." Luntian said matter-of-factly as if she's expecting this question already. She's now finally out of the hospital and is trying to wait for her taxi service.

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