Chapter 39

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"You know I'm yours, Mia. I always have been," I say, hoping she believes my words. They're true, without a doubt. She took my heart, back then, and I don't want it back. It belongs to her - always will. 


The games are over.

Because the second we set foot in my apartment, I feel that the tension, the attraction, the sparks, aren't gentle or playful anymore. We're scorching fire, electric lightning, about ready to explode from the simplest touch.

Mia is already panting when she closes the door behind her, her back resting against it as she looks at me, her charged eyes pinning me to the spot with their intensity. I watch how her chest rises and falls, how her pupils dilate when she takes me in, almost undressing me with her eyes.

I drop my bag to the floor, eliciting a sexy as sin grin on her face when she drops her helmet as well, taking a step toward me. She's oozing fire and sex right now, her disheveled hair and blushing cheeks from our motorcycle ride give her this specific dangerous glow.

We just look at each other for a moment, taking deep breaths while enjoying the sight in front of us, the tension being so palpable and thick between us that I'm surprised we're even able to breathe.

But then she steps right in front of me, looking up at me with those electric blue eyes, and there's this spark in them. That spark that instantly ignites a fire that spreads inside of me, that burns down all inhibitions and reservations in existence.

And that's why I can't wait anymore. I step into the fire that's just waiting for me to burn me from its intensity, and my heart thunders so rapidly in my chest when I cup Mia's face with my hands, that I actually feel like I'm about to faint from the feeling of her skin beneath my fingers.

But I forgot that Mia is a storm ready to wreak havoc on my senses, because she doesn't hesitate one bit as soon as our bodies collide. She wraps her arms around my neck, her hands digging in the flesh of my skin when she pulls me down, crashing my lips against her own with a moan.

I instantly wrap my arms around her, smashing our bodies together before she jumps me, obviously needing more. I dig my fingers in her thighs, pressing her against the door in an effort to close every inch of distance between us as I chase her tongue with my own, needing to feel her as deeply as I can.

"Fucking hell Mia, I've missed you so goddamn much..." I groan into our kiss and she digs her fingers in my back, sending another shiver down my spine when she bites on my bottom lip, her hot breath traveling down my skin when she whispers, "You have no idea, Lincoln... No fucking idea what I want to do to you."

She pulls herself closer, making sure there's no single molecule of air left between us when she rubs herself against me, the way her fingers dig into my skin giving me a fair idea of what exactly she wants to do to me. I can't help but growl when she breaks the kiss, her teeth dragging along my neck until she gently grazes my collarbone, tracing its contours with pleasant bites.

"You taste so good..." she whispers against my skin, her tongue flicking over the spots her teeth touched before. I already feel hot like lava, feel the insane effect every single one of her touches has on me, and so I don't waste any time as I carry her into the bedroom with purpose, eliciting a gasp from her when I throw her on the bed.

A devilish grin plays on her lips when I climb on top of her, her heated eyes taking me in with curiosity. "You're so fucking beautiful, Mia. I meant what I said back then, you take my goddamn breath away, every single time I look at you..."

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